Desmond Wolfe Talks About His TNA Debut, WWE & More


TNA Wrestling’s newest star Desmond Wolfe, formerly Nigel McGuiness in Ring of Honor, spoke to the  UK’s Daily Star this week and talked about where his new ring name came from, feuding with Kurt Angle and more. You can read the entire interview at Some highlights:

Where the name Desmond Wolfe came from: “Everyone is asking me where I got the name from – someone said Withnail and I – but Vince said he did an internet search of the most popular British names and came up with Desmond Wolfe!”

Kurt Angle Being His First TNA Feud: “Who gets the opportunity to come in on their first day and beat up Angle, I mean that’s huge! Kurt has been great, just like everyone else – he’s really open to ideas. I said this in the pub the other night – if you’d have told me that I would be working Angle three weeks ago – I would have laughed, I guess that’s one of the wonderful things about life in general that it can happen – one door closes and another one opens.  Talking to Kurt, well, just look at the guys he’s worked with; it’s a who’s who of legends. Austin, Rock – that’s the level he is at, and it can only benefit me.”

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Whether he went to TNA because he failed a WWE medical screening: “I had a clean bill of health from my orthopedic guy and my local doctor, so it’s not about that. I don’t hold against anything against them, it was a business decision, and  they were only doing what they think is best for them.”

While he denies that the WWE deal fell through due to him failing a physical, he did not say what the reason was beyond the fact that it was a “business decision.”

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