Former WWE Employee Sheds Light On Shane's Departure


Stephanie McMahon’s former assistant, Mike Witt, sent the following to us regarding the relationships between the McMahon’s and the departure of Shane.

I worked with Stephanie McMahon for two years as a runner and production assistant. I left because I was offered a new opportunity which required less travel.

It seems that a lot of wrestling news sites are pointing to Shane departure as a result of some sort of inner tension between Stephanie and Shane and where they stand in the company. I’m not sure who these sources are but here was my experience, take it for what it is worth, and it really would be nice if your readers got to at least read a first hand account of behind the scenes life:

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Stephanie was not unlike any other business person and stood by her decisions. Between you and me, some may not have been the best, but if you are going to get respect in a lockerroom full of egos, you can’t cower at every little disagreement. So call that brash, but anyone in that kind of position would do the same. Let’s not forget there’s more pressure on her than anyone else in the company. That’s just my opinion.

There were times when both Shane and Stephanie shared ideas. There was never any tension between them that I could see. I would say though that Vince was very, very hard on Stephanie since he pretty much still runs creative. I’ve seen him blow up at her on more than one occassion.

As far as Stephanie’s interaction with talent and behavior under strees, I never saw her degrade or yell at talent. I have seen her pull talent aside from time to time if something was done poorly or at the risk of hurting the flow of production. Again, normal given her position.

As for Shane, although he was not around much, he definitely was the more overbearing of the two. He wanted everyone to know he was his father’s son and had a “good old boy” sense of running things. Almost to the point where it was quite degrading to Stephanie. Maybe I’m biased because I worked for her, who knows, but Shane certainly seemed to have a chip on his shoulder at times and he truly did love being one of the boys. Obviously Stephanie will never have that luxery.

As for Vince, yes, he is loud, commanding, and a yeller. Yes, he did give Stephanie a lot of attention because she worked directly with creative whereas Shane was mostly corporate. Again, just because Stephanie worked with Vince more deos not mean their styles were the same. I didn’t get that at all. Vince is a yealler, more brash in his tine. Stephanie was often the person to calm people (just ask Heyman).

As for Shane, I wish him luck. Maybe the chip he has on his shoulder is why he left, who knows. He never really showed any interest in creative so I’m not sure why internet writers keep comparing the two. Had Shane shown any interest in creative, or had some solid input, there’s not a doubt in my mind that Shane would have been running creative. But instead he chose the more corporate side. He’s a salesman through and through. Stephanie is not. What you see is what you get. She’s down to earth and says what’s on her mind.

Anyway, just wanted to pass this along. May people read a lot of things on the internet and never really get the “real” scoop. This is just my experience but I hope it sheds some light on things.

For the record, I didn’t see Shane’s departure coming either, but lets not forget, he’s still a major shareholder in the company and can return at any time. He will also still have plenty of influence behind the scenes. Whether that’s good or bad who knows.

Thank you for your time,