Mick Foley Causes Match To Be Re-Shot At iMPACT! Tapings


Source: prowrestling.net

Mick Foley was the target of some criticism coming out last Monday’s TNA iMPACT! tapings after he used his political clout to have the ending of that show’s main event changed.

In a match that aired on last Thursday’s iMAPCT!, the original plan was for Foley to be pinned in his tag match with Kurt Angle against Matt Morgan and Abyss. Foley argued that instead of him getting pinned, his character should call for Dr. Stevie and Daffney to replace him and Angle in mid-match. Sounds pretty convoluted, but TNA went along with Foley’s plan on Monday night and the match was a disaster. TNA officials decided the Steve & Daffney vs. Morgan & Abyss match was could not air on television, so Foley & Angle wrestled Morgan & Abyss again the next night at Tuesday’s taping, using the original finish with Foley losing. The second version of the match (with Foley losing) ended up airing on Impact.

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After his suggestion bombed, Foley didn’t put up much of a fuss over doing the job the following night. Nevertheless, the feeling from multiple sources was that Foley was trying to avoid taking the pinfall. “He’s crafty,” one source stated. “He knows how to hide behind that nice guy image.”