Vince Talks About WWE’s “Sophisticated” Product, MMA & More


Silicon Valley’s has an article that looks at WWE‘s transition from TV-14 programming to TV-PG, with quotes from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

McMahon explains that desepite the success WWE saw during the edgy Attitude era, the time was right to shift towards more family friendly programming. “We just followed our audience and tried to listen to them,” McMahon said. “It’s a more sophisticated product. It’s just the right move business-wise, but more specifically the right move in terms of reaching our audience.”

Since going PG, WWE has picked up a number of new sponsorships, including Pepsi, 7-Eleven stores, Mattel toys and the Army National Guard.

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Vince also said by toning down WWE‘s programming, they are moving farther away from being in direct competition with mixed martial arts. “You really can’t compete with that,” he said. “Why not deliver a more sophisticated product and not go to those extremes? If the audience wants those extremes, they know where to go and how to get it.”

Wait, what?! WWE? Sophisticated? WWE? World Wrestling Entertainment?

The article also notes that singer Ozzy Osbourne will be hosting Raw this fall.