What You Didn't See On Raw (Dark Matches, Live Notes)


Thanks to reader Dave M. for sending in this live report from last night’s WWE Raw:

Last night’s crowd was really hot and into everything all night long.

-The arena was about 90%-95% full.

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-The new RAW opening premieres next week. They had the crowd stand and scream “HEY” every time it came on the screen with the cameras panning the crowd.

-During commercials, Chris Jericho was ripping on the fans and the city…he was hysterical.

-Jamie Noble sucked up to the fans before his squash by Sheamus.

-Surprisingly the guest hosts got a huge pop. When they drove into the arena, the first car almost hit a cameraman who was right by the ramp. He stumbled a bit backwards and almost fell.

-Vince & the WWE must love Buffalo. In the course of 12 months we had: 2 Monday Night Raws, 1 PPV and now they are bringing a house show back in 2 months on 12/27 @ 5pm.

-At one point they turned the lights out and all you saw was a sea of green DX glowsticks…..an awesome sight.

-When Eve was guest ring announcer she was sitting and shaking from either nerves or impatience.

-The crowd had no clue what Hornswoggle was given or what Lawler was saying to him.

-The Kofi/Jericho match was awesome to watch & everyone was into all the false finishes.

-The crowd was into the beatdown of the Big Show for the main event. Evan Bourne got some major mid-air time! He was really high up.

-Dark match main event featured DX, Cena & Kofi “Johnson” vs. Orton, Legacy & Big Show. Legacy left Randy right after Big Show was tossed over the top rope leaving Orton with the 4 faces. Each one gave him their finisher. After the match HHH got the mike and did the usual DX stuff with Kofi & Cena. Everything finished up just before 11:30pm. They hung around with the fans at ringside for a few minutes as Justin Roberts (the girls sitting next to me were “swooning” over him all night long and kept saying why doesn’t he do a male diva thing….it was funny!).

Biggest Pops:
-Kofi beating Jericho and trashing Orton’s car
-Evan Bourne-Flying through the air

Biggest Heat:
-Big Show

Personal note: The signs are nice and sometimes funny….but not to hold up the entire night so the people behind you can’t see! I wish they would make a few announcements asking people to only show them when they ask you to. It is very annoying. I noticed one guy towards the front rows who was annoying as hell with his sign. Finally some guy had enough and he got clocked because his oversized sign kept blocking the view.

WWE returns to Buffalo on 12/27 with tickets on sale this Saturday.