What You Didn’t See On Raw (Live Notes, Dark Match)


Thanks to reader Adam Parker for this live report of last night’s WWE Raw:

Most of the upper bowl for the show is tarped, off except on the hard camera side.

The fans in the arena did a lot of WHOOS before the show started.

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Justin Roberts came out, followed by a WrestleMania 25 package (the same one they’ve shown at every event this year).  At the end of the package, they announced that on Saturday November 7th, tickets for WrestleMania XXV will go on sale.

Dark Match:

Primo, who got a mild pop, vs. Jamie Noble, with some heat.  There were lots of Primo chants, including a dueling chant. Primo won with a modified cross body off the ropes.


The Raw announce team came out.  Michael Cole actually got a pop now (when did that start?).

Jerry Lawler has on a black shirt, with huge “Lawler for Mayor” slogan written on it in white.  It’s a step up from what he has been wearing

Mark Henry took on Chris Masters. The hot crowd let out what seemed a collective sigh when Masters came out.  Masters eventually dominated after a botched Sunset Flip spot. Henry attempted a World’s Strongest Slam but couldn’t hit it because Masters worked his leg over. Henry finally hit The Slam soon after that for the win.

Post Superstars:

After Superstars ended, the ring crew got ready for Raw. While that went on a Rise and Fall of WCW commercial aired, as well as a package for all of the WrestleManias.

Justin Roberts is yelling at us to get ready for the live cut- in on USA and told us to have signs ready.  They are putting monitors in the ring so Raw will open with a promo.  There are a huge amount of signs tonight.  As we waited to go live there were some DX chants around the whole arena.

A funny commercial for the Smackdown vs. Raw game aired during the wait.  When John Cena was shown during the commercial, he got a 50/50 reaction.