Mysterio Needs Surgery, Edge Talks About His Injuries


– Rey Mysterio is said to be working through a lot of pain at the moment, with news that his ACL and PCL are completely destroyed. It’s said his injured joint is virtually bone-on-bone and that he requires knee surgery as soon as possible, according to the Wrestling Globe newsletter.

– In an interview with Australia’s Daily Telegraph, Edge talks about injuries saying, “Look, guys in the WWE wrestle hurt all the time – that’s a given.” He also talks about the point where he nearly ended up in a wheelchair after pushing himself too far.

“And with the neck stuff, yeah, I thought I was hurt. So I kept going and going, basically. Kept training and wrestling to the point where I almost ended up in a wheelchair. And it all came to a head one afternoon when I was lifting weights in a San Francisco gym. Curling dumbbells. I was curling away when I went to go with my left and – boom – it just wouldn’t go. Even when I tried to flex my bicep, it stayed soft.” He then wrestled the next day.

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