Rey Mysterio & Big Show Both Set To Undergo Surgery


Two of WWE‘s top superstars are set to undergo knee surgery and will be out of action for several months.

As we’ve reported over the past few weeks, Rey Mysterio‘s knee is in bad shape and he needs his ACL repaired. Batista’s brutal attack on Mysterio after their match at Survivor Series and the stretcher job that followed was the setup for him taking time off. Many within WWE are concerned that this may be it for Mysterio’s career, but it’still s too soon for that to be confirmed. He could be out up to 6-9 months from the surgery, which would make Wrestlemania 26 the third out of the last four Wrestlemanias Mysterio has missed due to injuries.

Additionally, Unified tag champion the Big Show also needs knee surgery, according to He got choked out by the Undertaker at Survivor Series and will be off WWE television shortly. This will likely be the end of the surprisingly solid JeriShow tag team. Had Edge been ready to return to action, this would have been the perfect set up to reintroduce him into storylines and feud with Chris Jericho. Jericho and Edge were teaming together before Edge got injured and Jericho ran down Edge for being injury prone and the weak link in the team. Jericho selected Big Show as his new partner, but now that he’s on his way out as well, it should be interesting to see where Jericho winds up.

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