WWE & TNA Employees Meet Up In Orlando Sunday Night


Wrestlers and employees from both World Wrestling Entertainment and TNA Wrestling met up on Sunday night in Orlando, Florida – where WWE was taping this week’s ECW, Superstars and SmackDown and TNA held its Final Resolution pay-per-view.

TNA president Dixie Carter visited with WWE wrestlers a bar in Orlando, according to prowrestling.net Carter hosted a Christmas party next door at the hotel where the majority of the TNA crew stays. Several WWE superstars were said to be leery of going over to the TNA party because they feared heat from WWE management. However, some of the TNA crew went over to the bar to meet with the WWE wrestlers, and Dixie Carter eventually followed. It was described as a social visit with Carter meeting some of the WWE crew members for the first time.

TNA star Samoa Joe wrote the following on his Twitter page: “Just found out there are old associates in town. Tonight the Illuminati meets… Illuminati meeting became Illuminati sleepover and is now Illuminati pancake breakfast. Secret societies seem so much cooler in the movies.”

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