Hogan Predicts 3.0 Rating For Monday iMPACT! (POLL)


Monday Night iMPACT!
Monday Night iMPACT!

With reports coming out that Spike TV is a bit nervous about how TNA iMPACT! will perform on Monday, January 4th head-to-head with WWE RAW for the first time, Hulk Hogan sounds pretty confident he’ll make an immediate impact and is is setting the bar pretty high.

Hogan told hosts, “Everybody (at Spike) was scared of their own shadow. ‘What if we don’t do a number?’ The thing is, I said, ‘Don’t even worry about it. You have to give the audience a choice,'”

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During an interview on the “Right After Wrestling” SIRIUS satellite radio show, Hulk Hogan predicted that Nielsen ratings would triple to a 3.0 on his debut appearance on TNA Impact on Monday January 4.

Hogan said he sees “something there” with guys like AJ Styles and Matt Morgan and wants to “bring to life” the TNA superstars who he feels have that “it” factor.

The full interview will air on “Right After Wrestling” on Monday night December 14 at 11pm EST on SIRIUS Channel 98, Hardcore Sports Radio.

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