Miz Talks About Bret Hart, Tribute To The Troops & More


WWE Raw superstar The Miz spoke was interviewed by Phil Strum of the PojoSlam blog this week and spoke about a number of topics including working with the various Raw celebrity guest hosts, wanting to feud with former partner John Morrison and more. Here’s what the Miz said about:

Working With Mary Jannetty: “You have no idea how excited I was,” Miz said. “I wanted to prove I wasn’t the Marty Jannetty of the team. I almost felt bad because I was ripping on him right in front of his face. It’s terrible, but it was something I can do because I’m the Miz and that’s what I’d do.”rs.”

His Tribute to the Troops Experience. “It brought me a whole new respect for our armed forces,” Miz said. “It was incredible seeing them and seeing the smiles on their faces. They don’t get to see their families during Christmas and birthdays. It was incredible to meet these people and bring smiles to their faces.”

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Bret Hart Returning To WWE: “I’m really curious on the whole situation,” he said. “Will Bret be a little bitter? Will Vince (McMahon) be bitter? It’s one of those things: This will be very entertaining and definitely shocking. That would be fantastic if he came in. He hasn’t been with us since he was inducted into the Hall of Fame and hasn’t been in a WWE ring in over 12 years.”

To read the full interview, visit PojoSlam.blogspot.com.