Rey Mysterio Talks About Checking Into Rehab For Pain Pills


In an interview to promote his new book, Rey Mysterio tells U.K.’s Daily Star that he checked himself into rehab last year after becoming dependent on prescription pain pills.

“I’ve been wrestling for 20 years now, and after several operations, five on my left knee and three on my right arm, the medication caught up to me,” Mysterio told the Star’s Patrick Lennon. “I realized it, my wife realized it, and I knew it was time to make a change for myself, my family, and for the business I’m in.”

Mysterio says he was tired of living the lifestyle of an addict and implied that he did not want to let addiction lead him down the same path as his dear friend, the late Eddie Guererro.

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“When you realize you’re in the right moment – that you haven’t lost your family, or lost your job it’s a good thing, and with the support and help of my wife and kids, I’ve moved on to something better,” Mysterio said.

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