The Marine 2 With Ted DiBiase Getting Good Reviews


Early reviews are coming in for the latest WWE Studios release, “The Marine 2,” starring WWE Raw superstar Ted DiBiase and the reviews are surprisingly positive. gave a surprisingly favorable review (6/10) saying:

While we wouldn’t expect Shakespeare any time soon, Ted DiBiase obviously has sufficient acting chops to carry the film. That said, the wrestler-turned-action star lacks the kind of distinct and intimidating visual presence of somebody like Cena. In truth, for as tough and capable as the man appears, there’s something all too vanilla about DiBiase. He looks like a normal, Mid-Western good-old-boy in prime physical condition, more likely to hold open the door for the lady at the market than single-handedly assassinate a group of highly trained killers. Regardless, his athletic skills are hardly in question as he does so with a good deal of command.

Overall, The Marine 2 isn’t exactly a great film – honestly, it’s barely a good film – but it’s significantly better and more creatively crafted than anything we’ve seen hit direct-to-video shelves in quite some time. If you liked the original or if you’re just a WWE fan looking for a fun, action-packed night at home, you’d do well to check this out.

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