Update To WWE’s Wellness Policy Closes Major Loophole


World Wrestling Entertainment has recently made a change to its Wellness Policy that closes up a pretty big loophole and clarifies the standing of a Superstar with Wellness violations who leaves the company and then returns at a later time.

The update states:

“Any WWE talent who leaves the WWE for any reason with a first or second violation on his/her record will maintain those strikes if he/she returns to the WWE.”

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Many WWE superstars with Wellness violations on their record have left the company only to return at a later date – but it was previously unknown whether those violations remained on their record. Now, we know – your record isn’t wiped clean when you take a few months off. For somebody like Jeff Hardy – should he return to WWE one day, he’ll do so with his existing “2 strikes” and would then be let go should he fail another test.