Chris Jericho & Gregory Helms Arrested (MUGSHOTS)



WWE superstars Chris Jericho and Gregory Helms were arrested in Kentucky early Wednesday morning when police were called to a gas station and found the wrestlers “extremely intoxicated” and fighting.

Local newspaper The Cincinnati Enquirer reports that the two were arrested at a Shell gas station around 5:45 a.m. on Wednesday and charged with public alcohol intoxication. TAfter spending about an hour in jail, they were released after each paying $120 fines.

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The two had been in nearby Cincinnati, Ohio the previous night for this week’s SmackDown taping.

Jericho posted the following message on Twitter hours before the arrest: “Listening to zakk Wylde and having a GG contest with Hurricane. It’s the woods vs the praries. Praires are winning…”

It’s pure speculation, but some are guessing “GG” stands for Grey Goose (vodka).

UPDATE: Gregory Helms Allegedly Struck A Woman Before His Arrest