Could The Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage Be Joining TNA?


During a recent interview with, Hulk Hogan commented on the possibility of Ultimate Warrior and Randy “Macho Man” Savage joining TNA Wrestling.

“The Warrior is not “alive” anymore,” Hogan told “I did a deposition about six months ago where Vince McMahon put out a tape called The Self-Destruction of the Ultimate Warrior. And I did a deposition. I sat in a room across from him. No other wrestler would testify. He thought I was actually going to help him, but when I told the truth…I seriously doubt he and I would ever work together again. I did tell the truth at the deposition. He’s the worst. He’s horrible. There’s nobody worse than him in the ring. So hopefully I’ll never have to see him again in the ring.”

As far as Savage is concerned, despite their past differences, Hogan would love to have him on board with TNA. He feels if Savage dyed his gray beard and got back into shape, he would be good enough to return to the ring.

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“I’d LOVE to see the Macho Man,” Hogan exclaimed. “Dye that old gray Santa Claus beard he’s got. Get back in shape. And teach these young guys how to do it because I could sure use his help. He’s got a great mind for the business.”

Hogan also comments on the removal of the six-sided ring (calling it “a playpen”), when exactly he should have quit wrestling, back shaving tips, and more. You can read the interview in its entirety at the following link.