RAW Results (1/25): Hosted By Actor Dule Hill


Report by Kendra

RAW this week starts with music and pyro.

James Roday and Dule Hill are both promoted to be on RAW tonight by King and Cole. (Just before the show started Richard reported that Roday would not be on RAW due to an emergency appendectomy.)

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DX out to the ring with huge hype. Video from last week’s main event. Everyone got thrown out of the ring, including HBK. HHH announced to everyone that they wouldn’t be winning the RR because HHH is in the RR and will be winning it. The fans are hot for DX. Sounds as though some of the fans are chanting for HHH and some for HBK. HHH asks if they’re ready, but then stops and asks where the leprechaun is. HBK says he’s not here, he sent him home. Hunter’s this is serious. HHH asked if they’re going over this again. HBK says he doesn’t understand why he doesn’t see the position he’s in. look at it from his side. He wants his shot to end the streak. Is that too much to ask? They’re friends. Is that too much to ask. HHH says yes, it is too much to ask. HHH says he’s damn right it’s serious. They’ve been running around for six months making people laugh. Now it’s Rumble time. Time to get serious. Rumble’s about two things, a shot at the Championship and being in the main event at WM. Everybody, that should be there goal. If it’s not, they shouldn’t be here. He knows more than anybody how much he wants Taker. But he wants that title shot. They can go to the RR, throw the other 28 out pretty easy. But in the end it’s them. They’re friends and will always be friends. But if he has to step on HBK’s dreams to get to his, he will. “HBK” chants. HBK says he understands, but he was obviously not happy. Legacy out to face them. Cody and HHH lock up. HHH backed into a corner and stomped. HHH reverses it. HHH sets up for the pedigree. Ted pulls Cody out. Cole says they have breaking news about the guest hosts and will tell us live after the commercial.

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HHH and Cody down on the mat. HBK tags in and works Cody over. HBK takes him down and then nips up. Inverted atomic drop. King announces that James Roday is not there for the show. They don’t know why, just that he’s not there. (As I have stated before and Richard reported, Roday has had an appendectomy – most likely emergency as that surgery usually is and as he was expected on RAW – so he will not be on RAW tonight, only Dule Hill will be appearing.) scoop slam to Cody and HBK climbs. Ted runs up on the apron, but HBK pushes him down, but that gives Cody a chance to get out of the ring. HBK flies out onto both Ted and Cody. Cody back in. HBK coming through the ropes and Cody hit’s a neck breaker on him. Ted tags in and punches on HBK. The ref pulls Ted off HBK in a corner. HBK into the heel corner and Cody tags in. they double team HBK and then Cody pins for two. Ted tags in and surprises HBK with a dropkick to the face for two. A punch drops HBK to the mat. More punches to HBK when he’s up. Snap mare takes HBK down then a kick to HBK’s face for two. Cole talks about HBK taking all the abuse so close to the RR. Cody tags in and punches on HBK for two. Russian leg sweep to HBK for two. Front facelock on HBK in the center of the ring. HBK goes for the tag but Cody hit’s a cheap shot on HHH. Back body drop to Cody. Ted tags in and hit his finisher but HBK reverses out of it. HBK tries to hit sweet chin music, but Ted is too close and actually catches HBK’s foot just above the groin. HBK was unable to even get his foot high enough to make the move look good. HHH tags in and works over Ted with punches. High knee to Ted. Clothesline in a corner to Ted. Facebuster on Ted. Cody rushes in and eats a spinebuster. Then a spinebuster to Ted. HBK steals a blind tag from HHH. They stare off and Cody pushes HHH into HBK. They hit heads. Back to their feet and more glaring. HBK pushes HHH a little to hit sweet chin music on Ted. HHH then looks like he’s about to hit HBK who ducks and Ted takes the forearm. HBK pins Cody for three.

– Winner: DX

HHH and HBK celebrate in the ring with DX signs and a hand shake. Video of HHH being pushed into HBK and the ensuing issues. HBK looks really tired and can barely raise both of his belts to pose in the ring with HHH.

Video sneak peak of Cena on Psych.

– Commercial

Video of Heder, Johnson and Miz in the ring last week. Miz and Heder talking about MVP. Then Big Show out to the ring. MVP with the upper hand until Big Show took him out.

MVP out to the ring. Before he evens off things for last week, he has something to say to the Miz. Miz is the US Champion, but MVP is the contender. Miz can keep hiding behind guest hosts and his big protector, but he can’t always hide from MVP in the ring because he’s straight up ballin’. Miz’s music and he comes out (new music?) Heat on Miz on stage. He says he doesn’t know what straight up ballin’ is. Is it some euphemism for some unspeakable act that he picked up behind bars? Miz finds it shocking that MVP’s been incarcerated and these people love him and can’t stand Miz. He’s treated like an outsider, and outcast. While MVP was taking mug shots, Miz was on multiple reality shows. While MVP was making license plates, Miz was becoming a bigger celebrity than MVP and everyone in this building will ever be. Maybe that’s why everyone dislikes him. MVP says no, the reason everyone dislikes Miz is because he’s a jackass! Which is why he wouldn’t expect Miz to understand what ballin’ is. He’s never been a baller and he will never be a baller! Miz keeps bringing up the time MVP spent behind bars. That’s a place Miz would be very popular. In fact he’d have a lot of friends. So many friends that they’d be fighting each other to be his exclusive friend. Which leads him to wonder about his relationship with Big Show. They banter back and forth at the same time until Miz screams that he’d like nothing more than to go down and have their championship match right now! MVP asks why he doesn’t? He should come down and bring the title. Miz says he has a friend who wants to make a statement. In six days is the RR and he wants to make a statement. And he’ll enjoy being the US Champion. Big Show’s music and he comes stomping out to the ring past Miz.

MVP ducks the first punch but Big Show gets the upper hand with a head butt. Another head butt and MVP falls into another corner. Huge chop to MVP’s chest. MVP is whipped but moves out of Big Show’s way so he hit’s the corner hard. MVP’s ring gear is unzipped or the zipper is somehow broken. Facebuster to Big Show, then a big boot in the corner to Big Show. Big Show grabs him the second time MVP tries to kick him. Chokeslam and Big Show pins for three.

– Winner: Big Show

Miz poses over MVP in the ring holding his strap high.

Cole says Vince has an announcement about Bret tonight.

– Commercial

Ted and Cody backstage really pissed off. Cody tells Ted he didn’t know where his head was at. Then he thanked Ted for sparing him the kick. Then Orton in talking about the tension. He threatened them, then they threatened him. But somehow they’re all on the same page. But then they lose tonight and last week Orton was jumped by Sheamus and where’s his backup? Arguing in the locker room. He’s waited a long time for Cena to lose so he’d have a chance at the title. He doesn’t know what it is, but they have to get it in their heads, only one can win in the RR. And when it comes to him and Sheamus, he will be Champion again. He’ll do it with or without them.

Backstage Cena is hanging out with Dule Hill. Cena says people are talking. Wednesday, season premier of Psych! John Cena, Dule Hill and James Roday. Then Cena asked where Roday was. Cena asks if he’s late for RAW? Dule says he had and emergency appendectomy! He called with three holes punched in his gut, but really wanted to be there. Cena said this is where he’s supposed to say an appendectomy is a nothing operation. Cena pulled his shirt up and said he’s actually had one and it is a shame Roday couldn’t be there. He remembers filming Psych. It was great! Now it’s time for Dule to do his thing. Time for him to make this his night. Then Cena left and Dule is all excited. A knock at the door and Miz is in. Miz can’t believe Psych wasted there time with Cena when they could have had him. Dule blamed it on Vince, saying they wanted Miz. Miz says he had to Google his name to find out who he was. They go back and forth and Dule says Miz has a match tonight and Dule is choosing who it will be with. They go back and forth more and Dule says he doesn’t like doing two year old SNL bits, so Miz should Google that! Walking out Dule called Miz a joke.

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Maryse out to the ring in black. She grabs a mic and laughs. She says for the other Divas with their little championship dreams, they’re wasting their time. She then speaks French but is knocked off her train of thought by a bloody HUGE explosion on stage! The camera then on Dule in the pyro booth saying that was awesome! Maryse yells at him asking who his is. She says he’s disrespectful. He apologizes to her. She doesn’t accept his apology and starts screaming at him in French. Eve out to the ring in black.

Eve nails Maryse in the face with forearms and back her into a corner. Eve nails a one footed dropkick to Maryse’s face that looked effortless! Eve pins for two. Eve slams Maryse back by here hair then flips and back splashes Maryse for two. Clothesline to Maryse in a corner. Scoop slam to Maryse. Eve climbs and misses what would have been a beautiful moonsault, but Maryse moves. Maryse grabs Eve but Eve reverses and suplexes Maryse for two. Maryse fights back and hits her French kiss for three.

– Winner: Maryse

Video replay of Maryse’s DDT on Eve to end the match. Maryse flips her hair, leaves the ring and flips her hair again. Backing up the ramp she shows how much of a heel she is.

Backstage Vince is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Vince comes out to the ring to huge heat. Video of Taker in the ring with Vince. Taker told Vince he screwed Bret, the act of a coward. Vince says if Taker was there he’d invite him out and dare him to call him a coward. HHH said if Vince doesn’t bring Bret back people will think Vince a coward. There’s not one good reason to bring Bret back. You buy low and sell high. He did that with Bret who went to WCW and was never seen from again. Everyone had forgotten about Bret before HBK made Vince bring him back. But is there really a reason to bring Bret back? “We want Bret!” chants. Vince says be careful what you ask for, you might just get it. You want Bret? Well he’ll never again appear in the WWE. Vince says he’s a business man and does what’s right for business. They disagree. So they know more about business than him? A whole arena of billionaires. He wants one good reason to bring Bret back. He goes over to someone in the front row. He says this is not a test and to take his time. The kid says Vince is afraid Bret will take him down in the ring. Vince into the crowd and asks people if he’s afraid of Bret? People say he is. He’s still looking for one good reason. One boy says Bret is awesome. He asked a kid about his ‘Damn’ shirt and gets a ”Wha?” from him. Vince around and back to the ring. He struggles to get over the barrier and almost didn’t make it until the third try! He says as a business man there’s no good reason to bring Bret back. He’s part of the past. “We want Bret!” chants. Vince says he’s concerned about the present and the future, not someone who’s a footnote of the past. Thank you very much and Vince starts to leave but Cena’s music cuts him off. Vince says if he’s out there to change his mind, don’t even think about it. Cena says he knows where Vince stands. He never had a problem with Vince until recently. He called Bret a used up piece of gum who’s lost his flavor and needs to be thrown away. A couple months ago Vince treated Piper like he was nothing. Congratulations Vince you’re successful. You’ve built an empire. You have an ugly purple jacket to prove it. Vince says to look at the orange crap Cena wears. Cena says wardrobe aside, Vince had a lot of help building that empire. A lot of good people who love this business. People like Piper and Bret. Every once in a while Vince gets that idea in his head that everyone who worked their butts off for WWE have reached their end and are gone. Is that what he thinks of HBK? Taker? Batista? Vince says he doesn’t know what Cena’s talking about. Cena says the reason people don’t respect Vince as a man is because all he cares about is lining his pockets and serving his ego. It’s a damn shame when a man like Bret comes back, Vince serves his ego so people would remember the last thing as Vince kicking him in the gut. Vince is right, he’s not a coward, he’s pathetic! Vince asks what Cena called him. Cena said Vince heard him and he will call Bret back to RAW next week and will give him a chance to confront Vince face to face. If he doesn’t do that then he proves to Cena, all the superstars, all the fans they’re nothing more than a commodity to line his pockets. If he doesn’t, then mark this date on your calendar, August 24, 2035, Vince’s 90th birthday. By then Cena will be a chewed up piece of bubble gum lost his flavor and for everyone who’s worked for Vince from Andre, to Outback Jack to Bret Hart, he will lift Vince out of his wheelchair and knock his false teeth down his throat. Cena says he’s not out there to change his mind. It’s one of those times Vince has to do the right thing. Cena leaves the ring. Vince stops him up the ramp. He tells Cena and everyone to listen to him. He’s a coward? He’ll invite Bret next week. He’ll invite Bret to the ring and won’t even flinch. Since Cena wanted his presence felt tonight? Well he’ll be in action tonight. Against the guy who put him through the table and took his title. He’ll face Sheamus. Cena smirks.

– Commercial

Miz out to the ring. Kofi out to face him.

Kofi locks onto Miz who reverses it. Arm drag to Miz and Kofi keeps the hold on. Rake to Kofi’s eyes. Kofi takes Miz down. And again! Kofi runs into Miz’s boot hard. Miz pins for two. Knee to Kofi’s back then forearms over his shoulders to Kofi’s chest. Headlock on Kofi who works his way out but is slammed by his hair. Miz stomps Kofi and pins for two. Kick to Kofi’s ribs and Miz poses. Another kick to Kofi’s chest and then another headlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi works his way out with punches and kicks. Kofi is whipped but moves and kicks Miz in the head. Kofi up and flies splashing onto Miz’s back for a long two. Miz grabs Kofi’s hair and hit’s a neck breaker and a back breaker on Kofi. Miz sets Kofi up for the finisher, but MVP’s music distracts him. Kofi hits trouble in paradise for three!

– Winner: Kofi

MVP nods and smiles from the stage where he’s beautifully dressed. Miz glares up at MVP who does his ballin’ motion before leaving.

Backstage Dule sneaks into the production truck led by Carlito. He says he’s not a button pusher. Carlito says he knows it was an accident what happened in pyro. Carlito says Dule should have found him, he’s have shown him around and kept him safe. Dule asked what all the buttons do. The guys says this is where they build all the match up graphics. Dule asks about Carlito’s graphic. Dule says he hits a button and someone comes up? The guys tells him yes. Carlito asks for a title shot. Dule says he’ll hit a button and whoever comes up is who Carlito will face next. Carlito says he’s not in his gear and needs to stretch. Dule hit’s a button and up comes Kelly! Carlito likes this. Says it’s works, great selection. Dule might be the best guest host of all times. Carlito thinks he can win. It will be hard, but he thinks he can do it. Carlito leaves and Dule tells the guy to carry on.

– Commercial

Carlito all smiles in the ring in street clothes. Kelly comes out looking upset and really thin, thinner than usual. Santino’s music. He comes out and calls her Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly Kelly. He holds up the best of RAW DVD that comes out tomorrow. He says he’s in it looking stupido! But it’s a new year and he’s going to get himself in the best of RAW 2010 by doing something spectacular. He’s going to take her place! He’s going to defeat Carlito and go to the RR. He’s going to pull of the shocker of the year and win the RR and win an express ticket to WM. And they’re all witlesses! Swagger clotheslined Santino from behind then threw him in the ring. Swagger then threw Santino from the ring and celebrated. Swagger then grabbed Santino and slammed him head first (quite the thump!) into the ring post. Swagger over Santino pounding his chest. Swagger walked away with his arms wide. More chest beating up the ramp.

– Commercial

RR promo.

King and Cole go through the other matches slated for the Royal Rumble.

Backstage Cena is shooting the bull with Dule. Cena says he didn’t know Dule was going to blow everything up. They talk up Psych. Cena said his match can only get better in one way. Cena got Roday on the speakerphone. Roday said that once Sheamus has figured out that he can’t see Cena, Roday wants Cena to tell Sheamus that Carrot Top and The Berzerker called and they want their translucent potsticker of a love child back. They just want their little boy home. Cena asks how Roday is feeling. Roday says the morphine’s dripping, all he’s missing is his appendix. Fox comes in to join them. Roday asks if she’s there. Cena says yes and she looks good. She asks Dule if she’s psychic. Roday starts cutting him off and Dule hangs up the phone on him before telling Fox that he is psychic. She says she’s wondering if he can predict what will happen in her match tonight. He says that because it’s her he will tell her he sees a Fox standing victorious inside the ring with him ringside as her good luck charm. She says that’s good to know, because if he’s wrong… She leaves. He asks Cena what that means? Cena says it could mean so much. If he’s wrong – Cena lists a few possibilities – but then says it probably means she’ll get Mark Henry and he’ll find him and remove his appendix the hard way. Cena laughs and bolts. He asks if Cena’s joking and goes after him.

– Commercial

Dule at announce. Gail Kim in the ring in gold. Fox out in black and silver to face her.

Fox on Kim hard! Shoulder slam drops Kim, but she comes back to take Fox down. Fox out onto the apron and Kim brings her in hard. Kim face first into a corner. Fox picks her up and slams her back first into a corner. Tilt-a-whirl backbreaker on Kim. Kim sent into a corner. Fox gave Dule a look then went after Kim who moved. Scoop slam on Fox for two. Fox rolls Kim up in a small package for two. Fox gets Kim up, but she gets out and hits that falling drop with her foot on Fox’s face for three.

– Winner: Fox

Fox pitches a fit and goes after Dule. She asks what happened to her victory? He explains he’s an actor and they had a misunderstanding. He asks if they’re cool and then says he likes her shoes. She bitch slaps him and stomps off. King over to help Dule who’s holding his face. He’s acting all confused. Video of Dule getting thumped by Fox. He’s still holding his face. King thanks him for joining them and then removes Dule’s headphones further hurting Dule’s face.

Backstage Sheamus is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Bret will be on RAW with Vince next week.

William Shatner will be RAW’s guest host next week.

Sheamus out to the ring. Cena out to face him.

They lock up and try to over power each other. Cena backed into a corner through chants of his man by women and children. Sheamus yells in his victory. Cena locks around Sheamus’ waist and slams Sheamus into the corner. Sheamus yells at the ref to get him off. Cena shows off. Bulldog on Sheamus for two. Cena rushes Sheamus in a corner and eats a back elbow. Punches on Cena in a corner. Sheamus stomps Cena in a corner. “Cena” chants from the kids. Cena hit’s a suplex for two. Clothesline by Sheamus, then he gets up slowly. Shea hit’s a suplex on Cena for two. Sheamus stomps Cena’s hand. Punch to Cena then whipped to a corner where he falls from the force of it. Sheamus poses then pins for two. Sheamus chokes Cena through the ropes with a foot. Knee to Cena as he tries to come through the ropes. Cena lands outside on the floor. Sheamus tries for another knee but Cena moves and rushes in to get Sheamus up for the AA. Sheamus reverses and hit’s a DDT for a long two. Scoop slam on Cena for two. Arm hold / chin stretch on Cena in the center of the ring. Cena to his feet and muscles out. Drop toe hold but Sheamus out of the STF and kicked Cena away and from the ring. Sheamus out and grabs Cena for punches and then wings him shoulder first into the steps. Sheamus into the ring and tells the ref to count. Cena suddenly comes to life and dives into the ring just before ten. Sheamus tries to drop an elbow but Cena moves. Sheamus grabs Cena for a move but Cena out. Shoulder blocks from Cena then a slam. Five knuckle shuffle to Sheamus. Sheamus up for the AA, but Sheamus out and this a backbreaker for two. Sheamus rushes Cena on the mat, then backs off. He smiles and lines Sheamus up for the big boot, but Cena ducks and locks on the STF. Sheamus to the ropes and Cena let him go. Sheamus fled the ring. Cena out after him and eats the big boot out there. Sheamus rolls back into the ring. The ref starts counting Cena out. Sheamus smiling, knowing Cena can’t answer the ten, but suddenly Orton is there hitting the RKO on Sheamus, wiping the smile off his face.

– Winner: Sheamus via DQ

Orton talks smack and pounds the mat. Cena up on the apron and Orton sees him. Orton grabs Cena and lines him up to hit his between the ropes DDT. Super Cena is suddenly healthy again and reverses it getting Orton up and hitting the AA. Cena celebrates in the ring. Video of Cena eating the big boot outside the ring. Then Orton hit the RKO on Sheamus. Orton couldn’t hold Cena and ate an AA from him. Cena on the corner in victory, even though he lost.

Biggest pop

Biggest heat