Punk Shaves Diva's Head At SmackDown Taping (PICTURE)


WWE Diva Serena Deeb

On this week’s episode of Friday Night SmackDown, CM Punk converts a member of the WWE Universe to the Straightedge Society for the third week in a row, shaving his new recruit’s head as a symbol of his transformation from his “past transgressions” into a new way of life. In this case, the latest member of his society happens to be female and under contract to World Wrestling Entertainment.

WWE developmental wrestler Mia Mancini (a/k/a Serena Deeb) portrays a fan trying desperately to reach Punk, going as far to make it up the ramp before a security guard stops her. However, Punk tells the guard to let her go and allows her to enter the ring. Following his trademark long-winded speech, Punk proceeds to shave her head bald.

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Given that she’s under contract to WWE, it would appear that this was Deeb’s official debut on the main roster, but that has not yet been confirmed. Although, Mickie James posted a note on Twitter this morning regarding her, writing: “Welcome 2 the dance!”

Here’s a picture of the lovely Mia Mancini after getting her head shaved by CM Punk: