WWE's Writers Not Worried About TNA, Update On Melina


— As reported earlier, WWE Divas Champion Melina suffered a torn ACL at Tuesday night’s Raw live event and was on crutches the next day. She is scheduled to appear on Raw tomorrow night and whatever direction the company decides to take with the title will likely take place on the show.

— The WWE creative team is reportedly not worried about tomorrow’s night iMPACT! broadcast, but interested nonetheless in seeing what TNA cooks up. Within WWE, some are baffled that the only two matches where the participants have been advertised ahead of time are the two women’s bouts. In fact, some even joked that they should put Maryse on television each time a women’s match airs to show that one WWE Diva can beat all of TNA’s Knockouts combined in the ratings.

— Some within WWE joked about how Kofi Kingston praised the job Ted DiBiase did in The Marine 2 on his Twitter account when the two are feuding on television.

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He wrote: “Okay guys, @TDiBiaseMarine2 and I have had our differences, but the Marine 2 looks tight! It comes out today so gon’ cop you a copy!” Then later added: “Just watched the Marine 2 on Blu Ray. Pretty damn good! Well worth the $25. Only time you’ll hear me say it: props to @TDiBiasiMarine2.”

(source: f4wonline.com)