Cena Takes A Jab At Hogan & TNA, Wants To Wrestle The Rock


WWE superstar John Cena took part in a live chat session Monday night on WWE.com. Visit WWE.com to read the full transcript. Some highlights:

– Cena was asked whether he’s interested in fighting Hulk Hogan, He responded with a jab at Hogan and TNA, saying, “Yes. I just don’t think that’s going to happen right now. He’s too busy wasting his time.”

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– He has no current plans to release another rap album, but will be working again with rapper Bumpy Knuckles for a song on the soundtrack of his upcoming WWE Studios film, “Legendary” (previously titled “Brother’s Keeper”).

– When asked who he’d like to wrestle at WrestleMania, he stated, “The Rock.” As Cena answered another question about his movie career, host Joey Styles chimed in by saying Cena’s next movie will be better than The Rock‘s recent “Tooth Fiary” movie.