Hulkamania Tour Company Bankrupt, Orlando Jordan Storyline


– It was reported a few weeks back that Hulk Hogan and Eric Bischoff wanted TNA to stop doing live events until they got everything in TNA on the right track. Their position was based on poor house show performance in November and December. Being that TNA did great live event business in January (following the successful January 4th show), the live events were never scrapped. Jeff Jarrett, Don West and Jeremy Borash are currently in charge of live events.

– The company behind the “Hulkamania: Let the Battle Begin” tour of Australia has gone bankrupt and the expected DVD of the Hulkamania tour of Australia probably won’t be released. Hulk Hogan reportedly wouldn’t allow them to market the DVD until the promoters paid him money he was still owed for the tour. The show was scheduled to air in Australia on TV a few months ago and there was talk of another tour in China, but those plans are off.

– The new bi-sexual storyline with Orlando Jordan got off to a bad start with TNA and Spike TV officials as neither of them were happy with the way Jordan’s male companion was rubbing him in the bit that didn’t air on iMPACT. The guy with Jordan is the same guy that was with him when he got fired from WWE a few years back.

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(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)