RAW Results: William Shatner Hosts from Nasville, TN


Report by Kendra

This first RAW after the Royal Rumble starts with music and pyro.

King and Cole talk about Bret Hart confronting Vince tonight. William Shatner is guest host tonight.

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Justin announces the winner of the RR, The Rated R Superstar, Edge! He comes out looking rather shaggy and fuzzy, sun glasses, leather jacket, jeans. Into the ring and the glasses come off. The fans are hot for his return, but it’s a mixed reaction. He gloats that he’s back! It feels good but he’s not just back in the WWE or in front of the fans, but back in the main even at WM. He wants to bring us back to about six months ago. He and Jericho had just won the Unified Tag Team Championships. Then he got injured. The docs had him coming back in April, May, June or never. A fan yelled “Never!” about seven weeks ago, he watched the Slammy’s. he saw Jericho thank Edge for being injured so he could tag with Big Show. He saw Jericho making light of his injury and all he went through and the room got very silent. It didn’t get silent because Denis Miller bombed with another bad joke. It got silent because he vowed he wasn’t going to miss a third WM due to injury. He realized who he is, the ultimate opportunist. He promised to prove the doctors wrong. He’d rehab harder than ever before and did. He promised himself he’d enter the RR and win it. Seven weeks later Jericho has his Slammy, his mug shot on TMZ. Edge has his ticket to the main event at WM. He can face any Champion he wants. Two years ago he faced Taker and lost. Unlike HBK, this year, if he wants the Deadman, he can have him. Would it be smart to go after the undefeated at WM? Or go after the guy who’s never competed at WM? He could decide tonight, or wait for three weeks until after the Elimination Chamber PPV and decide them. He does know that he will headline WM! His music plays, but then Sheamus’ music hits and he comes glowing out to the ring. Sheamus stands on the apron and smirks before getting into the ring. Sheamus gets some heat in the ring. He says Edge isn’t back five seconds and already mouthing off. A lot has changed since Edge left. Edge says it has, RAW’s been taken over by an evil Ronald McDonald. The fans love that! Sheamus tells him to watch his mouth, what’s seen on TV is nothing like reality. He might not have been at WM, but he did something Edge couldn’t do, beat Cena to win the championship. Last night he defeated Orton to retain. Edge says he’s made his career out of beating Cena for the title and he’s beaten Orton. Sheamus says he’s been out six months. And Sheamus will walk out of the elimination Chamber still Champion. If he can beat Cena and Orton, he won’t break a sweat beating Edge. So why doesn’t Edge run back to SD! because he doesn’t want to ruin his RR moment by ripping his head off. Edge stared, but didn’t move. Sheamus asked if he was deaf. He’d better get out before he puts Edge on the shelf for good. Sheamus hit Edge with the mic, then a forearm. Edge back to his feet, side stepped Sheamus’ big boot and got on top beating Sheamus down. Edge backed off, Sheamus to his feat and he ate a HARD spear from Edge. Edge took that boy off his feet before slamming him to the mat in a big way. Video replay of the big moves. Edge backs up the ramp staring down at Sheamus on the mat.

Elimination Chamber promo.

Cena backstage heading for the ring.

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Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match, Cena out to the ring. King announces Stacy Keibler will be on Psych. Cody out (in his new purple ring gear) to face Cena. Cody on Cena with punches and kicks. Cena backed into a corner. “Cena” chants from women and kids. Side Russian leg sweep to Cena for two. More punches to Cena for two. Cody (badly) drops a knee on Cena for two. Cody goes for another knee drop but Cena moves. Shoulder block from Cena. Cody rolls Cena up for two. Cena slams Cody and hit’s the five knuckle shuffle. Cody up for the AA but elbows out. Cody slams Cena face first to the mat for two. Cody climbs. “Cena” chants and Cody flies to take him down for two. Cody back up for the AA. Cena hit’s the AA and pins Cody for three.

– Winner: Cena

Cena poses and salutes the fans. Sheamus and Cena are the first to participants in the RAW Elimination Chamber.

Video from the 1997 SS in Montreal. Back and forth, then HBK locked on the sharpshooter and Hebner called for the bell. Bret figured it out and spit in Vince’s eye.

Backstage Vince is walking along and Josh stops him. Josh asks if he’s seen Bret. Vince says he hasn’t and no one will as he’s not going to show up. Vince walks into his office and then turns. He says what a surprise that he barges in his office like this. Don’t Canadians have any manners at all. If he has something to say, then say it. The camera pans and it’s Shatner. Shatner smiles and says to Vince that as a fellow Canadian, as a fan and mostly as a human being, he can’t wait for Bret to embarrass Vince tonight. Shatner stomps off. Vince says something about guest hosts, but the fans are cheering too loud for Vince to be understood (at least by me).

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Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match, Swagger out to the ring. HHH out to face him.

Swagger locks on behind HHH and takes him down. Swagger keeps the hold as the work around. Swagger shows off beating his chest and pushups. One punch drops Swagger. High knee to Swagger and then HHH clotheslines Swagger from the ring.

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HHH into a corner but gets a foot unp into Swagger’s face. DDT on HHH for two. Elbow drop and leg drop to HHH for another two. Swagger tried to stretch HHH, but HHH slammed him over. HHH sent Swagger out of the ring. HHH out to attack, but Swagger slammed HHH’s face to the apron and rolled him in. HHH up on Swagger’s shoulder and slammed him to the mat for two. Headlock on HHH in the center of the ring. HHH up and fights out but slammed back on the mat. Swagger runs to a corner, up and tries to splash HHH, but HHH gets his knees up. HHH up with punches and then a face buster for two. Swagger slammed face first into the corner and then punches in a corner until the ref breaks it. Swagger out at HHH, but eats a spine buster for two. HHH sets up the pedigree, but Swagger reverses into a back body drop. Swagger tries again and hits this splash for two. Swagger hit’s a belly to belly for two. Swagger getting annoyed. Shoulders into HHH’s gut in a corner. “Triple H” chants. Swagger gets HHH up on his shoulder and points to the WM sign. HHH gets free and hits his pedigree for three.

– Winner: HHH

HHH poses over Swagger. HHH poses in a corner. Video of high points in the match, including Swagger pointing at the WM sign before losing the match. HHH joins Cena and Sheamus going to the RAW Elimination Chamber. HHH is still in the ring posing.

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Shatner on the screen, narrator talking about all of shatner’s accolades, but now he’s doing spoken word interpretations of WWE star entrance themes. (As in a bad CD commercial.) He does HBK’s Sexy Boy! He then goes on to doing Cena’s ‘You Can’t See Me’. And Rey’s ‘619’. He even does HHH’s theme song! They show the fake CD on the screen at the end of the bit! (One of the funniest things I’ve seen a guest host do!)

HBK backstage waiting. HHH comes up and asks if he’s got a second to talk. Then Hornswoggle is there. HHH tells him he doesn’t have time for this, go bite him or something. Hornswoggle leaves. HHH brings up the RR and that he wouldn’t have done that to HBK. Then HHH says he’s kidding, he’d have done it to HBK if he’d had the chance but didn’t have the time. HHH tells HBK to lighten up. HBK says it wasn’t supposed to happen that way. He was supposed to win the RR, go to WM and face Taker, beat Taker. HHH tells him to let it go. He lost it last night, super kicking refs, fines, he’s lucky he’s not suspended. HBK needs to get in the Elimination Chamber. HHH is already in. the two of them in there together, there’s no stopping them. One of them will walk out WWE Champion. If that’s the case he has no trouble going to WM with HBK and tearing the house down. All HBK has to do is beat Orton. HBK hit HHH in the arm and thanked him.

Orton out to the ring for the Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match.

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WWE Rewind – RR last night. Sheamus defended against Orton. Cody got involved from the crowd. Orton hit an RKO, but Cody caused a DQ and Sheamus retained. Orton attacked Cody and Ted after the match.

Orton’s music still playing as he strangely moves his head in bird-like ways. HBK out to face him.

They lock up and push each other around. HBK backed into a corner. They break and stare off. HBK still looks pissed. He’s first to move in on Orton as they lock up. HBK backed into another corner. Clean break and more staring. Orton throws a punches but HBK ducks. HBK chops Orton in the corner. Swinging neck breaker to Orton in the center of the ring. Orton sensed the match getting out of hand rolled out. HBK out after him. Orton grabbed HBK to DDT him through the ropes, HBK out of it and pulled Orton out for more chops. Orton rolls in and HBK climbs. Cross body to Orton for two. Chops to Orton in a corner. Orton reverses and HBK whipped into a corner. Back breaker to HBK. “HBK” chants. Orton holds HBK’s feet and stomps the heck out of his gut. Knee drop to HBK’s face. Punch drops HBK to the mat. HBK blocks a punch and punches Orton but then HBK eats a dropkick for two. Orton holds HBK’s chin and forearms his chest from behind. Headlock on HBK in the center of the ring. HBK to his feet, but then a knee to HBK’s gut. HBK set up top and eats an upper cut. Orton climbs up but HBK throws punches. Orton to the mat, but on his feet. More punches to HBK. Orton back up and tries for the superplex (move made famous and some say created by his father). HBK pushes him down and drops an elbow in what Cole calls ‘vintage’. HBK tunes up the band, but Orton ducks. HBK reverses the RKO and hits an inverted atomic drop then a chop. Another inverted atomic drop and chop. Flying forearm to Orton and HBK tries to nip up but Orton rolls him back and steals the three.

– Winner: Orton

HBK left sitting on the mat. He’s really pissed off. HBK punches the mat then up and pacing. Off comes some of the wristbands and his hair band. HBK stomps from the ring and up the ramp. HBK lets out one more bit of fury before leaving the stage.

More video from 1997, Vince saying Bret Hart screwed Bret Hart.

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King and Cole talk about the huge disappointments in HBK’s life. Cole says it’s the most disappointing 24 hours in HBK’s career and King agrees, “without a doubt.”

Orton backstage and Ted stops him. He congratulates him on beating HBK. He’s sorry for what happened last night. He can’t speak for Cody but… Orton cuts Ted off with quite the look. Orton leaves, Ted swallows hard and stares.

Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match. Mark Henry out to the ring. Ted out to face him.

They lock up and Ted backs off. They lock up and Ted tossed from the ring. Henry out to face him and Ted pulls Henry into the post shoulder first then drop toe hold drops Henry shoulder first into the steps. Back in the ring and Ted keeps working the shoulder. Ted pins for two. Armlock on Henry. Henry works to his feet and out. Ted kicks Henry in the face when he telegraphs. A couple clotheslines to Ted and he’s whipped to a corner. Ted gets a foot up. Ted climbs and flies, but Henry catches him. Ted slides off and hangs Henry’s arm on the top rope. Ted slams Henry down shoulder first and gets the three as Henry’s in too much pain to kick out.

– Winner: Ted DiBiase

Ted celebrates. Video of how Ted worked Henry’s shoulder. Ted’s all smiles. Ted joins Orton, Cena, HHH and Sheamus. Only one slot remains.

Backstage Big Show and Kofi are readying to face off.

Cole and King talk about Jack Brisco. They put up a memorial picture and then run a video about his life. (My heartfelt condolences go out to the family and friends of Jack Brisco’s. He was an amazing wrestler and a fabulous man {from everything I heard}. He will be missed.)

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WWE Slam Of The Week – Kim beat Fox to advance last week.

Kim and Kelly talking backstage. Maryse came up and said while they’re not close, she’s looking forward to their match. What McCool and Mickie are doing is a disgrace. They should go out and show what real women can do. Kim says she’s looking forward to it. Then Maryse spoke French and it had to be Nasty.

Miz and Big Show talking backstage about Big Show winning his match tonight. Then Miz said something about T.J. Hooker getting there. Big Show asked if he just said T.J. Hooker? Miz then said Captain Kirk? But he’s sure they’ll be facing DX for the Unified Tag Team Championships. But then Punk, Gallows and Serena walk in. Punk says Long robbed them so they’re looking for an authority figure to get what they deserve. Big Show says Punk gives bald people a bad name. Shatner walks in and they do a little logo across the screen that he’s the RAW Match Negotiator. He asks what’s the problem. Punk says they’re there to collect. Miz then says they’re not even on RAW. If anyone deserves it on RAW it’s him and Big Show. Big Show asks what he’ll do about it. Shatner says what he does best, make a deal! Shatner leans on Miz to stand up on a chair. He says next week with be a Triple Threat Match between Punk and gallows against Miz and Big Show against DX, winner gets the TTC. Priceline.com and Wells Fargo are official sponsors of the Hollywood Charity Horse Show. He then freezes. They’re all freaked out. They ask what he’s doing. Without moving his lips much he says “freeze frame” over and over. They all just walk out and leave him there.

HHH talking to HBK backstage. HHH says maybe it’s not meant to be, but he needs to get over it, move on. It’s not the end of the world. He’s Mr. WM! He doesn’t need Taker for that. There’s plenty of other guys for him to compete with at WM. HBK turns and says not for him. HBK walks out and HHH looks frustrated and sad.

Kofi out to the ring for the Elimination Chamber Qualifying Match.

– Commercial

Big Show out to the ring. Miz out to announce.

Kofi ducks Big Show and kicks away. Big Show punches away, Kofi punches back. Head butt to Kofi. Miz said you support your friends. Kofi chopped down to the mat but back with punches. Kofi tossed across the mat as Miz runs his mouth about running RAW. Big Show gets hung up to in that painful manly way. Kofi knocks Big Show to the floor.

– Commercial (Priceline add came on and confused me!)

During the break Big Show speared Kofi and gained control. Headlock on Kofi in the center of the ring. Kofi fights back with a jawbreaker. Head butt to Kofi who rolls from the ring. Miz takes off his headset when Kofi lands in front of announce. Miz taunts Kofi. MVP from through the crowd drops Miz to the floor then chases him out. Kofi up top, after slipping and kinda stomps on Big Show’s back/shoulder area before falling to the mat (something not right there). Punches to Big Show, then a low dropkick to Big Show’s knees, then one to a kneeling Big Show’s head. Kofi’s double drop on Big Show for two. Kofi up on Big Show with punches, Big Show holds him off with one hand. Kofi rakes an eye while flailing. Big Show punches wildly and hit’s the ref. Then Kofi’s tossed from the ring. Big Show is holding the eye raked. Big Show moves the ref’s face around, but he’s out. Another ref out calls for the bell. Justin announces that Big Show has been disqualified.

– Winner: Kofi Kingston

Big Show screams it was an accident, look at his eye, he didn’t mean to do it! Big Show is all upset and arguing. The other ref tells Big Show to leave. Big Show pitches a fit screaming he didn’t do it on purpose. He kicks the top layer of stairs off and keeps screaming it was an accident.

Video from January 4th when Bret Hart came back to WWE for the first time in twelve years. Vince talked Bret up and then kicked him in the gut.

Backstage Vince is heading for the ring.

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The RAW Elimination Chamber will have Sheamus, Kofi, Cena, HHH, Ted and Orton.

Next week the RAW guest host will be NASCAR #99 Carl Edwards.

King in the ring announce the guest host. He talks up Shatner and says he inducted King into the WWE HOF, his friend, his BFF, William Shatner. Shatner comes out with a Bella on each arm. Shatner purposefully trips over the rope on his way in the ring and takes King down with him. They go through this whole thing making sure they’re both okay. He says he’s had the best time being the host for RAW. Now he’d like the honor to introduce, he is the excellence of execution, the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. His fellow Canadian, his hero, Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart! Bret comes out basically dressed exactly as he was last time, but this time in long jeans rather than shorts. Into the ring and they shake hands. Shatner hands over the mic kindly after a few words between them. Bret lays down the mic and works the fans a bit. Then he picks it back up and removes his glasses. He says it was a little over a month ago that he was there. For him he’s had a month to put things into perspective fore himself. He came for all the right reasons, 12 years is long time. It took him 12 years to come here with open arms and try to make peace. People tried to warn him, but he was too naïve. He thought he could put it all behind him, but he was wrong. That doesn’t sit well with him. He didn’t come for peace or closer tonight. He came to talk to Vince face to face. Bret calls out Vince’s ass and says if he doesn’t come out he’ll take a camera crew to go find him. He tells Vinnie that he’s waiting and doesn’t like to wait, just makes him madder. Vince’s music and he comes dancing out, almost more Shane that Vince in movements! Then he mouths “OMG, it’s Bret Hart!” like he was totally shocked. Vince then struts to the ring and gets a Nasty look just outside the ring. After a little staring Vince gets in the ring. Vince puts up a hand and says he wants to get a few things off his chest as well, he’s never regretted a thing he’s said or done to him. Bret says that’s the first honest thing he’s said. Bret calls Vince a liar. He says when it comes to lying Vince is the best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be. Vince lied to him in Montreal and a few weeks ago a few weeks ago when he kicked him. He lied when he said he was proud, he lied when he said he was proud of Bret. Vince couldn’t lace up Stu’s jockstrap! Last week Cena came out and described Vince as pathetic. Bret knows all about pathetic. 8 years ago he was in a wheelchair. Everyday he thought about what it would be like to get up and walk across the room. He finally did and get past it. He’d cry himself to sleep some nights, but he promised he’d get out of that chair and did. He promised he’d never feel pathetic again. Then he came back here for all the right reasons, but Vince kicked him in the gut and left him in the ring feeling pathetic and he has a problem with that. For 14 years he worked for him, laced up his boots everynight, taped up his injured knee, wrestled sick, hurt, 300 days a year, 14 years. He said someday Vince will appreciate it. Boy was he wrong. Took him 20 years to build a reputation, took Vince 3 minutes to tear it all down. Then Vince called him chewing gum that’s lost all its flavor. All he can say to that is that this stick of chewing gum has just enough flavor to kick his ass right here, right now. The fans love this! Vince says in the interest of being honest… there he is, Bret Hart. Forgot, it’s Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart. The Excellence of Execution, Bret Hart. His favorite is the best there is, the best there was, the best there ever will be. What a crock! Then in Canada he’s recognized as a Canadian hero. Bret’s not a hero. Not a hero to anyone! Huge heat from the fans. Bret asks if he’s finished. Vince says he has never understood what people see in Bret, he doesn’t get it. He’s revered by all these people, but he’s pathetic. He has zero personality. Like the guys he faced in the ring – HBK, Mr. Perfect, Steve Austin – if not for them who have personality, Bret would be a footnote somewhere. Look at Bret, no charisma, no command over the English language. That hound dog looking face. Stringy, crappy hair. He’s dressed like a hobo! Bret asks if he’s finished. No, what Bret knows down deep and Vince does to, that Bret deserves to be screwed. One more thing, last they were together, Vince was willing to nominate Stu for the WWE HOF, he rethought it and it won’t happen. It’s legitimate, he’s not inducting Bret’s father because he doesn’t deserve it. That was the last straw and Bret kicked Vince in the gut and unloaded punches to Vince’s head. Bret grabbed Vince’s feet and one of Vince’s fancy shoes came off. Bret threw it down in Vince’s face! The fans go wild as he looks around. But then Batista is there and grabs Bret. He doesn’t pick him up, but bends him over and throws punches to the gut. “Cena” chants. Then Batista holds Bret at Vince’s word. Vince goes wild yelling and screaming at Bret, finally Vince spits in Bret’s face and gets HUGE heat. “Cena” chants.

Biggest pop
Bret Hart

Biggest heat
Big Show