RVD Screwed Over By Movie Studio: Batista Involved


Rob Van Dam will be starring in the upcoming straight-to-DVD action movie, “Wrong Side of Town” – or so he thought …

During an interview on the “Between the Ropes” radio show, Van Dam accused the studio Lionsgate of taking him off top billing in favor of his co-star, WWE superstar Batista. Van Dam was under the impression that it was his movie, he’d be the star and Batista was a supporting character. He couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw that Batista was featured front and center on the DVD box.

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“I thought it was my movie. The movie was written for me, I was there for three weeks, filmed every day except for one day, they came out with the DVD box cover and, oh my God, I didn’t realize Batista is the star of it!,” RVD said sarcastically.

RVD was told this action movie was his vehicle to transition into being an action star, but now he doesn’t even know how the movie will turn out after it’s edited and reworked.

“I was completely confused. They said this was like a vehicle for me to go into these other action movies and, yeah, Batista is the star. He was there for two days. I feel like Lionsgate pulled the carpet out from underneath my feet when I was looking. Hopefully when you watch it, I’m still starring in it.”

Former WWE superstar Viscera also appears in the movie.

The “Wrong Side of Town” straight-to-DVD action movie will be released on February 23.

Here are some pictures from the set of “Wrong Side of Town”:

Here’s the DVD cover, starring Dave Batista instead of RVD:

(Credit to PWTorch.com for transcribing the interview quotes)