WWE Movie News: Batista & Randy Orton’s Projects


WWE Studios will begin working on a movie called “Killer Karma” soon. The movie has a $10 million budget and will be released in theaters, starring WWE Champion Batista. The movie is about a guy being released from prison (presumably Batista) who is trying to get his life in order with fate, friends and enemies getting in his way.

WWE began filming the movie “Big Red” in New Orleans this week. It stars actors Ed Harris and Amy Madigan with RAW’s Randy Orton. The movie is based in the mid 1960’s and focuses on a smart 12-year-old boy whose teacher makes him work with a social outcast on a project and the outcast has an incident with a bully at school. Orton will star as the father of the bully who tries to get Harris fired him his job as teacher. Madigan will play the school’s principal. Big Red is an example of a new strategy being employed by WWE Studios, which is to cast big name Hollywood actors in their films and use WWE superstars as supporting characters.

(Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter)

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