Bischoff Reveals Interesting Bret Hart – WWE Information


Did WWE have to buy out a major insurance policy in order to get Bret Hart to participate in a match at WrestleMania?

TNA executive Eric Bischoff was asked this week on Facebook if he thought the Bret Hart vs. Vince McMahon storyline was being done well. Bischoff responded with:

“For what it is..yes. Allegedly WWE found out about a Lloyds of London (insurance) policy that Bret had in effect AFTER setting up this match, and as a result Lloyds of London has to approve of the physical structure of the match. Can’t confirm this, and perhaps WWE has “bought out” the problem, but if not..could be disappointing. Either way, I am looking forward to it and am happy for Bret. Going back to WWE in any capacity was the right thing for him to do at this stage of his life.”

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SEScoops Analysis: Though Bischoff is unable to confirm that validity of this story, it appears that Bret Hart has been collecting insurance money due to his health preventing him from making a living in the ring. With Bret Hart is getting physical once again at WrestleMania, those payments would stop. When Bischoff says WWE might have “bought out” the problem, he means that WWE would have to be paying Bret Hart enough for him to voluntarily wave the insurance money he’d automatically receive by not wrestling.