Goldberg Denies TNA Rumors, Says Hogan Is "Full Of Crap"


In an interview with, former WWE & WCW star Bill Goldberg squashes rumors that he is headed to TNA Wrestling. Hulk Hogan recently said that Goldberg was negotiating with TNA, but Goldberg says Hogan’s full of it.

“Pardon my French, but Hulk Hogan‘s full of crap because I was never in negotiations with TNA,” Goldberg said.

“Do I see myself getting back in the wrestling ring? I’m 43 years old. Do I want to be Ric Flair? Do I want to be Hulk Hogan? In the twilight of my life, do I want to be running around in my underwear trying to injure people? Absolutely not. It was a stage in my life, a wonderful stage,” he added. “Do I ever see it happening again? You never say never, but I don’t see it likely by any stretch of the imagination.”

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