TNA iMPACT! Results For March 8, 2010


TNA Impact Results
March 8, 2010
Report by: Sean Hopkins of

-We get the new video package and song to open the show, and it actually highlights a lot of the young talent.

-We get pyro to open the show. Mike Tenay and Taz welcome us to the show and immediately begin hyping the main event featuring Hulk Hogan and Ric Flair, which apparently will open the show. Hogan’s music hits and he and Abyss make their way to the ring. Hogan in the ridiculous boa, and Abyss sporting the HOF ring.

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-Hogan is really milking his entrance time, taking his time, and strumming air guitar along the way. Brooke is shown in the audience cheering on her dad, and Hulk has a mic.

-Hogan says this is the biggest night in the history of TNA. They’re live, and Spike has their back, and it’s time to take care of business. Big TNA chants. The Impact Zone is packed. Hogan says there’s no reason to wait around, Flair and AJ better get ready right now. Hogan says when he joined TNA, he thought he’d take TNA to sacred ground. Now that Flair and AJ have changed the rules, leaving him in a pool of his own blood, and did the same to Abyss, this is TNA’s reckoning day. Hogan says the way it goes for Flair and his protegee, bring their asses to the ring, because it’s time to meet the power of TNA, and the monster Abyss.

-Styles’ music hits, and he and Flair are out in their Nature Boy robes.

-The bell rings, and not surprisingly, it looks like the young guys will kick this off.

-Abyss goes right after Styles but Styles fights it off. He ends up walking into a big slam though, and Abyss showcases his power. AJ goes to the corner and tags in Flair. Flair and Abyss lock up, and Flair takes Abyss to the corner and chops away. Abyss turns it around and hits a couple of open hand chops of his own before a back body drop. Flair hits a low blow while the ref’s back is turned, and AJ uses his robe to choke Abyss and beat on him. Hogan is in to break it up, but Styles hits a Pele kick and proceeds to kick at Hogan’s head. Flair is stomping on Abyss and AJ is pounding on Hogan, the lights go out and Sting‘s music hits. The crowd goes nuts.

-When the lights come back on, Sting is in the ring with a baseball bat and Flair and AJ are falling back. Hogan and Abyss are back on their feet, and Sting surprisingly hits both with his bat. Sting smiles, Styles smiles, Flair stomps on Hogan. Styles grabs a chair, Sting hits Abyss in the stomach with the bat, and AJ hits Abyss over the head. Flair gets the chair and whacks Hogan over the head. Flair stomps Hogan’s groin, and AJ and Sting continue to beat down Hogan and Abyss while Sting walks to the back. Hogan is busted open, and it’s only the first ten minutes of the show. Security is in to break things up and the get Flair and AJ out of the ring. Flair and AJ gloat on their way to the back, AJ saying it’s over.

-Hogan gets on the mic and says this isn’t over. They’re going to finish it before the night’s over. Hogan says Flair keeps changing the rules, Hogan’s going to change the game, later tonight it’s going to be a no DQ match.

-commercial break

-Tenay welcomes us back and we re-cap the opening segment, which happened just before we went to commercial.

-TNA cameras are backstage following Sting. Sting‘s walks into Dixie, who asks what he’s thinking. Sting grabs her by the throat and shoves her into the wall, saying he owes her nothing.

-JB is backstage with Flair and AJ, he asks how Sting fits in this. AJ says there’s no do-overs in wrestling, but if Hogan wants one, they’ll beat him up all over again. Flair says Sting has come to his senses, and on the right night. Flair says if he’s going to come out of retirement, he’s going to make a statement heard around the world. Flair says they’ll finish the job tonight, and Hogan and Abyss will leave in an ambulance, at the hands of Flair and AJ.

-Abyss is shown backstage screaming ‘WHY STING?!?!?’ (seriously, like that)

-commercial break

-Backstage Hogan’s girlfriend is consoling Brooke Hogan. Brooke talks about how Hogan is in pain and she’s seen him do this before. When did this turn into Brooke Knows Best?

-Kaz is in the ring, and he’s got a mic. He says it was almost two years ago, he chose to walk away from TNA, and he had a lot of doubt about himself. After a lot of soul searching though, he can say tonight, live, that doubt is gone. The reason Kaz came back to TNA is to reignite the flame of the X-Division. Big pop from the crowd. The way Kaz sees it, if TNA is going to war, let the warriors of the X-Division lead them into battle.

-Kaz is interrupted by Daniels, who wants to make one thing clear. Daniels says if anyone will lead the X-Division into battle, it won’t be Kaz or anyone in the back, it’ll be the man who was X-Division for ten years before X-Division meant anything, Christopher Daniels. Daniels says on this historic night, he tells Eric Bischoff and the world, that he will carry the X-Division to the highest of heights, because he is X.

-Doug Williams, the X-Division champ is out. He says these two are spouting off like super heroes, here to save something. Big USA chants. Williams assures both that the X-Division is alive and well, and he can say that because he’s champion. Kaz says as of now he’s champion, but seven years ago, when he and Daniels were pioneering the division, where was Williams. Daniels says Kaz hasn’t done anything he’s cared about. Kaz says maybe that’s just because Daniels is a selfish prick.

Eric Bischoff is out now. He says when Hogan asked him to join him in TNA, one of the reasons he was so excited was the X-Division, because it’s the adrenaline of TNA, and he’s going to try and make it run bigger, faster, and stronger. He says he knows Kaz has a title shot at the next PPV, but that match will happen tonight. And he hasn’t forgotten about Daniels, because it’s going to be a three way, and it starts right now.

-Daniels tries to steal a pin, but it’s broken up. Quick exchange with all three men trying to get an advantage. Kaz dodges a kick from Daniels, but falls victim to a back elbow from Williams. Williams tries for a suplex on Kaz, but Kaz counters into a roll up, also hitting a northern lights suplex on Daniels and pinning both men. Crazy reversal from a double team by Kaz and Daniels and Williams end up outside of the ring. Kaz follows out with a big plancha, taking out both men, and he pops up to a big cheer. Kaz and Daniels fight out of the floor, with Kaz launching Daniels shoulder first into the ring apron. Kaz tries for the slingshot leg drop on Williams, but Williams avoids it and hits a running knee to the face. Williams hits a running high knee and tries for a pin, but only gets two on Kaz. Kaz hits a jawbreaker, but he’s tripped by Daniels, who comes in and takes out Williams before focusing on Kaz. Daniels hits an STO and a lion sault on Kaz that’s good for a two, before sending Williams back to the floor with a knee. Daniels hits a running DVD on Kaz, but it’s still only good enough for two. Daniels tries to send Williams to the floor again, but Williams fights it off. He goes to the top turnbuckle, and Daniels tries to do something, but it doesn’t amount to anything. Both Daniels and Williams end up walking right into a double missile dropkick from Kaz though, and all three are slow to get to their feet. Kaz is a house of fire, and he’s just going to work on both men. Kaz hits a slingshot leg drop on Daniels, but it’s only good for two. Daniels tries for the Angels wings on Kaz, but he gets hit with a big elbow from Williams. Crazy pinning sequence, but no one gets three. This is really hard to follow. Daniels hits a big rock bottom like move, and tries for the BME, but Kaz moves. Williams hits the chaos theory on Daniels, and bridges into the pin, getting the win, and retaining his title.

-Winner and STILL X-Division Champion: Doug Williams

-After the match, Shannon Moore is out, he takes out Doug Williams, and motions that he wants the title.

-Bischoff says that’s how he likes it. He says that Shannon Moore will be Doug Williams’ opponent at Destination X, I guess instead of Kaz.

-We go backstage to JB who is with Dixie Carter. Dixie says that she’s glad Sting signed his contract, because he’s in a match tonight, and he’ll find out who his opponent is when everyone else does.

-commercial break.

-The Beautiful People are shown backstage, apparently three teams will be competing tonight for the Knockouts Tag Team Titles.

-commercial break.

-Sarita and Taylor Wilde are on their way to the ring when we come back from break, and they’re getting lots of love from the crowd. The Beautiful People’s music hits, and team number two will be Madison Rayne and Velvet Sky, accompanied by Lacey Von Erich. The third team to enter the match is Tara and Angelina Love.

-Angelina goes right after TBP, but her and Tara almost end up rolled up by Sarita and Wilde. Wilde and Tara look to start this thing off. Tara hits a crazy slam, but Taylor tags out to Sarita, who hits a springboard facebuster, but is tagged by Sky. Sky goes to work on Tara, but quickly tags out to Rayne, who comes in and screams while pounding on Tara. Double team move from TBP to Sarita and Wilde that sends both women to the floor. Love is in and she takes out both members of TBP, and tries for the Widow’s peak on Sky, but Daphne is in, and she hits Tara with the KO belt. Sky pins Tara, and we have new champions.

-Winner and NEW TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions: Velvet Sky and Madison Rayne

-Christy Hemme is backstage with the Pope, who cuts a bit of a promo before Desmond Wolfe comes in and goes right to work on Pope’s leg. He has a chain, which he uses to BASH Pope’s ankle. Wolfe walks off, saying Pope can keep the chain.

Sting is shown walking backstage and Taz asks Tenay what he was doing at 4:20 (RVD’s a-comin).

-commercial break.

-JB is backstage with The Beautiful People who are celebrating with their new belts. Rayne says they’re finally the Tag champs. Lacey asks if she’s a champion too. Rayne says of course. Sky says it’s time to celebrate, and JB brings in some champagne from off screen, but they only bring three glasses. Sky says with the Beautiful People as Tag Champs, things are about to explode. They dump the champagne all over JB.

-Taz and Tenay turn out attention back to the situation with Sting, which has just been tearing us all up, all night long. Sting attacked Hogan and Abyss at the top of the show in his return to action. He’ll be in action later tonight, and hopefully, it’ll be against RVD, which I’m sure will fulfill a lot of dream matches for a lot of people around the world. Taz and Tenay also talk for a bit about how disgusted they are with his actions, putting his hands on Dixie.

Sting‘s music hits, and he’s on his way to the ring. He still gets a decent amount of love from the crowd, even after his earlier actions, and carrying the bat, to remind the crowd of earlier actions. Taz tries to play it up like the crowd is mad at Sting, but he has to recant that when people are obviously bowing to Sting on his way to the ring.

-The crowd is chanting for RVD, and the letters flash on the screen. RVD had come to TNA.

-Van Dam jumps a barricade, goes to the top, hits a single leg dropkick, and follows it up with rolling thunder. Van Dam pins Sting, gets the three count, and it’s over.

-RVD celebrates, but Sting is up, and he whacks RVD with the bat. Sting hits RVD in the leg, before hitting him across the throat. Sting goes to the back and leaves Van Dam laying in the ring. I’m not happy with how short that was, but hopefully we’ll get a meaningful rematch out of it.

Sting‘s apparently not done as he makes his way back down to the ring and gets in a couple more shots with the bat, including a big blow across Van Dam’s back. Big you suck chants from the crowd, and I guess Sting found his heat. Sting goes to the back and argues with refs on the way, when they don’t stop bothering him, he blasts one in the stomach, then another. Sting comes back and goes for the ring another time, and RVD says bring it on. Sting hits RVD with the bat, and Hogan’s music hits.

Sting is looking around, and Hogan comes out of the entranceway. Bubba the Love Sponge tries to stop Hogan, and Sting goes back into the ring. Security is stopping Hogan, and Sting is just standing in the ring, holding his bat and staring down Hogan. Sting turns around and drills RVD two more times, and Hogan just lets security hold him back. He finally breaks through and makes it all the way to the ring, when Sting goads him on and continues to hit RVD with the bat, but security holds him back. Eventually Sting whacks Hogan with the back, and now he’s got to be helped to the back too. Sting follows after and beats his way through a security guard before hitting Hogan again and leaving him laying at the top of the ramp.

-Taz says they need help for Hogan, even though he was hit twice and RVD was hit at least a dozen.

-Taz and Tenay run down the Sting situation, saying the same things they said before the match.

-Kevin Nash’s music, and Bischoff is shown for just a second (probably an error), Nash makes his way to the ring with Eric Young.

-Nash has a mic, and he says that for the last month, Hall and Waltman have found a way into the Impact Zone. He talked to Hogan today, and he has a contract that says one time, and one time only, Hall and Waltman will be allowed into the Impact Zone, at Destination X, against Nash and Young. Nash says he knows they’re in the building, so why don’t they work their way down to the ring and accept the challenge.

-commercial break.

-Hall and Waltman are shown walking in a back door, and apparently they know to head straight for the ring. Plus they got there at just the perfect time.

-commercial break.

-Nash and Young are still waiting in the ring when we come back from break, and they look confused. Nash asks where the Bad Guy and X-Pac are. The crowd chant that Hall is wasted, and so is Pac, which is fantastic. Hall and Waltman finally make their way into the Impact Zone, just like Hogan, milking their TV time. They finally get into the ringside area, and then the ring.

-There’s loads of security in the ring, but not between the two teams. Hall does his Hey yo schtick. Hall says that two thirds of the legendary WolfPac are in the building tonight. He calls Nash Big Sellout. Hall says that after what Sting did, Hogan isn’t running the show. He says that he and Waltman want in on TNA because it’s starting to get cool. Hall says that they have lawyers, and that when they beat Young and Waltman, they want their cut, so after the match, Nash needs to talk to Carter, and they want some contracts. Hall asks if Bischoff wants in on this.

-Bischoff is magically on the big screen in the Impact Zone. Bischoff tells Hall to set the match, and if they win, they’ll get their contracts, but if they don’t win, they need to leave. Hall and Waltman agree to the terms. Nash says that if it’s a deal, he’ll see him at the PPV. Nash slaps Eric Youn, and he and Pac go at it. Securits breaks it up. Bischoff says he’s sick of paying overtime for security, and Eric Young has a license to kill, so he’ll have a match against Pac without Hall and Nash at ringside.

-Young is going right to work on Pac, and even though Pac gets a spinning back heel kick, EY is all offense, just absolutely working over Pac, slamming his head repeatedly into the mat. Pac works out of a powerslam and connects with a huge kick. Pac tries for a bronco buster, but EY moves, and hits a gigantic piledriver on Pac. EY pins Pac, and gets the three count, and this one is over as soon as it started.

-Backstage a US Army humvee is shown pulling up backstage and soldiers are shown getting out. Tenay says it’s a takeover.

-Commercial break.

-Back from break, and there are a lot of soldiers coming into the arena, way, way more than got out of the humvee, unless it was some sort of clown-car humvee. Kurt Angle’s music hits, and apparently this is some sort of rip off of John Cena‘s WrestleMania entrance from last year. Angle walks down the ramp, flanked by soldiers, and when he enters the ring, the soldiers surround it.

-Angle gets a mic, and calls out Mr. Anderson, saying he brought some of his close friends with him tonight. Angle says these are the men and women who sacrifice everything for our country (very true). Angle says that these are the men and women who choose to leave their families behind to stand up for what we believe in (again, very true). Angle continues his patriotic speech, finishing up by saying that these are the men and women that Anderson spit on two weeks ago. Angle says he had sort of an epiphany. Winning an Olympic Gold medal is nothing compared to what soldiers do for our country, and as a proud American, it’s his duty to defend the soldiers, when bitches like Anderson degrade them. Angle says if he’s learned one thing over the past year, you don’t mess with an American soldier, and Anderson is going to find out why at Destination X at the hands of Angle.

-Anderson interrupts him, saying it’s not about Angle, and the high school dropouts outside of the ring, it’s about… but he’s blasted by Angle, who ran from the ring to the interview space crazy fast. Angle beats Anderson to the ring, but Anderson hits him with the medal. Anderson backs out of the ring, but he walks into a couple of soldiers. He backs up toward the ring, and into the arms of Angle, who beats on him, and sends him to the outside, where the soldiers beat on him for a bit, before they send him back in the ring, and Angle does the same thing on the other side, and the side opposite the entrance ramp. After Anderson is sent back in the ring yet again, Angle connects with an Angle slam. Someone hands Angle an American flag, and Angle spits on Anderson, putting his foot on his chest, and holding up the flag. The soldiers swarm the ring, and hold up Angle while he holds up the flag.

-Commercial break.

-Hogan is backstage with the Love Sponge. Bubba says Hogan’s got to stop it, and that Hogan’s got to take a long hard look at himself. Hogan says this is the biggest night in TNA history. Abyss is his boy, and he didn’t want to go out there, but he’s got to do this. Earl Hebner breaks in out of nowhere and says he needs a second chance. Hogan says he’s got too much on his head right now to think about it. Bubba says hold on, that everyone deserves a second chance, and if anyone does, Earl Hebner does. Hogan says Bubba needs to promise that he won’t get into his business. Hogan says it would be an honor to be in the ring with Hebner again, and both of his children are worried, but Hebner has to promise that if Hogan looks to be in too bad of shape, Hebner has to stop the match.

-Tenay and Taz begin to hype up the Destination X PPV, with matches featuring the Motor City Machine Guns, Generation Me, Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson, Abyss and AJ Styles.

-Jeff Jarrett is shown backstage where he meets up with James Storm. He says Bischoff forced him to do this, and he asks if Storm was forced. Storm says they don’t work for Jarrett. Jarrett hits Storm, and Storm responds, Roode is in, and BMI beat up Jarrett for a little bit, before Foley tells them to take it in the ring.

-Commercial break.

-James Storm and Rober Roode are beating on Jarrett at ringside when we come back from commerical, and Mick Foley is apparently going to be the referee for this handicap match.

-Back in the ring, BMI pound on Jarrett in the corner, but Foley stops it, just so they can ring the bell. After the bell, BMI whip Jarrett into the corner, but he fights back with a big boot and a lariat, but he eventually falls victim to a spinebuster from Roode. A slingshot double team DDT plants Jarrett. Roode and Storm take turn punching Jarrett, before Storm hits the Eye of the Storm. Roode holds Jarrett while Storm takes a swig, but when he goes to spit, Jarrett ducks and it ends up in Roode’s eyes. That allows Jarrett to hit a low blow on Storm, and send Roode over the top rope to the outside with a big clothesline. Jarrett then sends Storm out with a back body drop. He follows outside where he beats on both men, sending Storm into the barricade. On his way back into the ring though, Storm catches Jarrett’s ankle, and Roode knocks him off the apron into the barricade. Foley and Storm get into it, so Foley goes under the ring to grab the barbed wire bat, which he gives to Jarrett. Jarrett tries to use it, but Slick Johnson is out to prevent it. The distraction allows Roode to hit a low blow, and BMI follow it up with a DWI. Jarrett is pinned, and Slick Johnson counts the three and this one is over.

-Hogan and Abyss are shown backstage arguing over who should start the match. The show Brooke, and she’s upset, she comes in crying and asks Hogan is he’s ok. Brooke says she didn’t want to say it before, but it’s hard to see Hogan go out like that because to everyone he’s the Hulkster, but to her, he’s her dad. Hogan says he’s going to go out there, and he’ll be ok, and Abyss has his back. Brooke horribly fake cries some more, and she makes Hogan promise that this will be his last time because they’ve lost so much and she doesn’t want to lose him too. Hogan says he knows they’ve been through hell and back in the last few years, and he won’t go out there again, this is the last time (yeah right). Brooke cries on her dad’s shoulder.

-Commercial break.

-Flair and AJ are shown hyping each other up backstage. Flair says they won the first part of the war, and Hogan and Abyss are going down to AJ and Flair.

-Commercial break.

-Back from break, AJ Styles and Ric Flair are the first men out in what is announced as the ‘continued main event’.

-Hogan’s music hits and the crowd goes wild. He and Abyss make their way down to the ring, and this one looks to be ready to get underway. Hogan tears off his shirt upon entering the ring, and climbs up to the first rope to threaten Flair and AJ.

-Commercial break.

-Back from commercial, and Hogan and Flair look to start things off. Flair chops Hogan in the corner, and hits him a couple of times, but Hogan whips Flair into the corner, and hits a back body drop. Both men look very fragile, like they might break something at any moment. Hogan rolls out to the floor where he chokes Flair with his bandanna, and slams his head into the guardrail, before biting, and punching away at the wound on Flair’s head. Flair chops Hogan a couple more times, but Hogan fights back with punches and chops of his own. Flair falls to his feet, so Hogan picks him up, slams him into the barricade, and pounds on him some more. Flair climbs up to the entrance ramp, and goes right down. Abyss goes to the outside, and pounds on Flair a bit, hitting a succession of punches before sending him back into the ring. Hogan takes off his belt and uses it to whip Flair. Hogan is choking Flair with his boot and Flair is just bleeding and bleeding. Flair hits a low blow, and makes the tag to AJ, who comes in and goes to work on Hogan. Aj works on Hogan’s leg before punching and kicking at him, sending him to the outside. Styles follows, jaws with Brooke a little bit, and sends Hogan into the Steel ring post. AJ rips the bandage off Hulk’s head to reopen Hogan’s wound, and now both he and Flair are bloody messes. Flair tags in, and he hits a low knee to Hogan’s groin. Flair maks the tag to AJ, who comes in and hits a series of right hands to Hogan. Styles tags out to Flair, who comes in and kicks Hogan in the midsection before following it up with a chop. Flair goes to the top rope, but Hogan catches him, and tosses him off with a top rope body slam. Both men make the tag, and Abyss comes in as a house of fire with right hands. Abyss tries for a double chokeslam, but dual kicks from AJ and Flair prevent it, so he hits a double clothesline instead. Abyss hits one dive, then another, before hitting one chokeslam on AJ, then another on Flair. Abyss shows off Hogan’s HOF ring, but it allows AJ to get in a cheap shot. AJ tries to work over Abyss in the corner, but Abyss sends him to the apron. AJ comes back in with a springboard forearm, but it’s only good for a two count. Both Abyss and Hogan Hulk up, and turn things around on Flair and AJ with double big boots. Hogan whips AJ into Abyss and he eats a black hole slam. Abyss pins AJ, and this one is over.

-Abyss and Hogan celebrate, and Hogan holds up Abyss’ arm. Desmond Wolfe is in, and he whacks Abyss with a chair. Wolfe tries to whack Hogan, but Hogan blocks it, only to get a chop block from Flair. Pope comes out to make the save, but he gets taken out by AJ. Jeff Hardy is the next man out to the ring, and he goes to work on the heels, hitting a big DDT on Wolfe, and a Twist of Fate on Styles. He goes to the top for a Swanton, presumably, but it’s cut before he jumps off. That’s the show.