Update On Awesome Kong's Status With TNA Wrestling


Awesome Kong is telling friends within the wrestling industry that TNA has agreed to release her from her contract, which coincides with her recent post on Twitter where she thanked Dixie Carter and the company for wishing her the best in her future endeavors.

Kong reportedly asked for a modest pay increase in the neighborhood of fifteen percent, which the company refused. Despite her high placement in the Knockouts division, it’s been estimated that she makes between $400 and $700 per appearance.

One of the potential holdups for release was said to be that company officials considered sitting her out until her contract expired over a year from now, but they have apparently opted to grant the release.

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Kong remains listed on the company website as a wrestler and one-half of the TNA Knockouts Tag Team Champions. In a possible spoiler, the buzz backstage is that TNA intends to do something with the Knockouts Tag Titles on tonight’s show.

source: www.prowrestling.net