Vince & Linda Buy $4 Million Condo In Stamford, CT


Trump Parc tower in Standford, CT

Connecticut’s Stanford Advocate is reporting that Vince and Linda McMahon  purchased a $4.1 million penthouse duplex in Donald Trump’s Trump Parc luxury tower, located in Stamford Connecticut.

The sale was actually finalized back in October. The penthouse unit has 3,900 square feet of living space.

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Political blogger Aaron Blake of wrote this week that Linda’s political opponents “will surely be after her for the timing” of purchasing yet another luxury piece of real estate.

Vince and Linda already own eight multi-million dollar real estate holdings and do not plan on living in their latest acquisition.

Linda’s campaign spokesman Ed Patru is defending the purchase by stating, “I’ll remind you that unlike (two of her opponents), Linda didn’t inherit her resources. She was born in a middle class family, started with bankruptcy and earned the money herself through hard work.”

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