WWE RAW Results For March 8, 2010


Report by Kendra

This week’s RAW starts with GONG! We all knew Taker would be starting RAW. (I have TNA up – picture in picture). Taker comes slowly to the ring. The fans are hot for Taker. He says last week was symbolic of what HBK’s life has become. Since he became #17 in Taker’s streak. “HBK” chants cut Taker off. HBK’s life has now (Taker messed up his words) has a dark cloud he can’t shake. Getting rid of this cloud will cause him to pay the ultimate price, his storied career. What HBK needs to understand is after WM there will be tomorrows, not celebrations, no sense of triumph. There will be no sense of victory, just that same dark cloud that will hover above his cloud to the rest of his life. He takes no joy in say this, but in three weeks HBK’s career will rest, in… HBK’s music cuts Taker off. HBK out in a sleeveless black and camo shirt and jeans. HBK say Taker hasn’t’ earned the right to finish his line yet. For the last year it has hung over his head like a dark could. Last week he went to sleep with the cloud, but he woke up and it was gone. He had an epiphany. The reason he cost Taker the strap in the Elimination Chamber because he had to. Last week Taker interfered, but didn’t have to. For the first time, in that cold dark heart of Taker there exists fear. Taker told HBK to choose his words very carefully. HBK says fear, because Taker knows he’s the one who came that close to ending all. That’s why he asked HBK to put his career on the line. He thought HBK would be intimidated! He isn’t. after 25 you think he wouldn’t do it if he didn’t think he could beat Taker. Nothing lasts forever. At WM he’ll prove it. Taker asks if that’s right. He can’t tell if he’s looking at a man who exudes all this confidence or a man full of pitiful desperation? HBK says he’s not desperation. Last year he’s have done anything to have his hand raised in victory. He proposes no count out, no DQ match. He’s going to kick Taker’s teeth down his throat and beat him. Taker says HBK has chosen his own demise. He can look in HBK’s eyes and see the fire and passion, the will. He can look into his soul and honestly say he sees, HBK honestly thinks he can defeat him at WM. That’s kinda what makes him the Showstopper, the Maineventer, Mr. WM. No, not this year! In Taker’s opinion, HBK might be the greatest to ever step foot in the ring, but on March 28 he’ll open the gates of hell and unleash a fury no mortal man has seen. He’ll make sure that at WM his career is over. HBK tells Taker to keep telling himself that. After WM that dark cloud will be hanging over Taker and follow him everywhere he goes. Inside it will be an image that haunts him his whole life. It will be of HBK ending his WM streak. HBK leaves the ring to an infuriated Taker. On the stage HBK stops and stares down at Taker. Taker stares back. Taker’s on the tron over HBK’s shoulder in an intimidating vision.

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Gail, Kelly and Eve out to the ring. In the Fox is Fox, Katie and Maryse.

Gail and Fox start. Side headlock on Fox. Fox tries to fight out but Kim hangs on in a takeover. Kim in control an elbow to Fox and then Katie down on apron. Fox gains control and tags in Maryse. Backbreaker to Kim for two. Maryse with a cheap shot on Kelly and should have been on Eve too but she missed. Kim is able to kick out. Eve on Maryse hard. Dropkicks for two. Forearms to Eve’s head, but Eve fights back. Eve hits her flipping leg drop for two. Fox and Katie in and double team Eve. Kim and Kelly in to even the score. Eve up top. Maryse tries to take her down but Eve hold on in an armbar and gets Maryse to tap out!

– Winners: Kim, Kelly & Eve

They celebrate in the ring.

Backstage Criss Angel and Hornswoggle backstage talking. The Bellas ask to be his guest assistants for one night. He says he doesn’t use twins. They want a demonstration. He pulls a threat from one of their tops. Then he eats it and pulls it out his eye in a really disgusting display I couldn’t watch! Jillian in and says she’s going to be his assistant. He said he heard about her. She sings. He makes her lose her voice and everyone’s happy.

Backstage ShoMiz head for the ring.

– Commercial

WWE Slam Of The Week – Triple Threat Match from SD! R-Truth got the pin – he and Morrison are going to WM to compete against ShoMiz for the Unified Tag Team Championships.

ShoMiz out. Miz starts ripping on R-Truth and Morrison as they walk down the ramp, taking every second they can get of airtime. Miz talks about not since the British Bulldog and Lex Lugar joined team to bore everyone at WM11. Shame on everyone backstage for not having that talent. Shame on the WWE Universe for not understanding what’s standing in front of them. They’re endangered species. They’re the last great tag team in the WWE! The fans give Miz HUGE heat. Morrison out to the ring with his great slo-mo entrance. R-Truth out to join him with his popping entrance.

R-Truth on Miz hard and Morrison cheap shots on Big Show. They double team clothesline Miz from the ring. King again called them the MizShow. They double baseball slide Miz. The ref calls for the bell.

– Winners – No Contest?

Outside they double DDT Big Show! They then throw Miz over the barrier. Morrison grabs a mic and says they don’t have any credibility? They’re not a real team? They just showed how real they can get. R-Truth said that’s the truth, whole truth, nothing but the truth.

– Commercial

Video of the growing feud between Cena and Batista fueled by Vince.

Josh backstage with Cena. He ask about being left completely speechless for the first time. Cena says Batista’s correct, he hasn’t beaten. He left Cena for dead. He has Cena’s number. The only thing he can do is go out there and beat him. Does he anticipate baista getting involved? He could guarantee it.

Evan thanks Angel for his match. Regal tells Evan he’ll take care of him in the ring. Evan said he can’t wait. Sheffield is with Regal. Angel has Regal write a number down and he’ll get inside Regal’s mind. Angel starts working out what the number is and working Regal to get the number. He narrows it to between 50 and 60 and then gets the right number. Sheffield said Regal owes him a Travis Tritt CD.

Video from Elimination Chamber when Ted pinned Orton and caused him the title and trip to WM.

Legacy to the ring. Orton attacks them from behind just as they start down the ramp. Orton into the ring.

– Commercial

Orton’s ready in the ring as Cody gets in slowly. They lock up and Orton’s backed into a corner. Punches to Orton then kicks as the ref admonishes. Orton fights back hard. High elbow to Cody. Cody into his corner and tags out. Ted on Orton with a kick then punches. Orton telegraphs and gets kicked but fight back quickly. Ted into his corner to converse with Cody. Cody tags in. Orton kicks Cody down to the mat. Cody whipped but gets an elbow up. Behind the ref’s back Ted gets a cheap shot. Cody stomps Orton in their corner. Cody distracts the ref for Ted to attack. Cody continues working over Orton for two. Orton sends Cody over the top and out. Ted in but Orton turns to catch Ted before he can attack.

– Commercial

Orton working over Cody in the ring and Ted on the apron. Clothesline to Cody in the ring. Cody fights back with a jawbreaker. Orton outside on Ted, then on the apron on Cody. Ted pulls Orton from the apron then dropkick on the floor. They work over Orton outside the ring. “Randy” chants! Into the ring and Cody drops a knee on Orton’s head. Ted tags in and they double team. Both nail elbows to Orton’s back. Headlock on Orton in the center of the ring. Orton elbows out but turns into a sick clothesline. Ted covers for a long two. Orton in the heel corner and they double team, Cody hitting a dropkick for two. Cody tags in and on Orton in a corner. Orton on the top rope gets a kick to the gut. Ted tags in and they both whip Orton into a corner. Ted chokes Orton with a foot. “Randy” chants. Cody tags in. Orton whipped and Cody in but Orton ducks. Clothesline to Ted and then Cody. Scoop slam to Ted then Cody. Ted in a corner punched down by Orton. The ref backs Orton off and Orton eats a boot but comes back with a backbreaker. Orton stalks Ted, but Cody grabs his le. Ted up and hits dream street on Orton for three.

– Winners: Legacy

Ted and Cody standing over Orton, but they’re not done. Cody hits crossroads on Orton. Ted on the mat yelling at Orton. Ted and Cody pose in Orton’s classic heel pose. Video of the beat down on Orton.

Batista watching backstage smiling. Josh asks about Cena being sure Batista will get involved. He thinks Cena’s a little paranoid because he’s never dealt with someone like him. He swears he won’t get involved tonight. If Josh sees Cena, tell him Batista’s rooting for him, he needs a confidence booster.

Backstage HHH is headed for the ring and boy does he look pissed!

Austin guest host promo for next Monday.

– Commercial

HHH’s music hits. The Cerebral Assassin stomps out to the ring looking really pissy. HHH does his water spitting routine. Video of Sheamus’ attack on HHH last week. There’s someone dressed like Mario in the stands. HHH says he kind of respects what Sheamus did last week. If someone beat him up, cost him his title and humiliated him, he’d want revenge too. That’s basically… Sheamus’ music cut’s HHH off and Sheamus floats out to the ring. Sheamus said he’ll make a statement of HHH at WM. Does he have the guts? HHH says that’s a good question. Sheamus’s had a hell of a first year, possibly the best first year in the business. But he’s never been to the big dance, never been to WM. He knows that until you make a name at WM, those other accomplishments mean nothing. He knows where Sheamus’ at, he’s been there. He was on a rocket to the top, undefeated. He jumped the biggest dog and he got crushed. He went to a pit of obscurity. He had to claw, scratch and dig until he was the guy that people wanted to take down at WM. Over the years a lot tried, a few succeeded. The few who did succeeded, their careers took off. Ask Cena. Ask Batista. That’s the short list. The long list are the guys who failed and went to that pit of obscurity, just a footnote to the WWE. That’s a hell of a gamble. Does he have the guts? He has to put it all on the line for one shot. Just one shot at WM. Or being nothing! It’s a lot to think about, isn’t it. Before he takes that gamble, he’d better be sure. Sheamus backs up a few steps but then comes at HHH. But HHH was ready. Sheamus almost gains control but is clotheslined from the ring. Sheamus pulls HHH out and into the barrier. HHH ducks the big boot and rides Sheamus over the barrier. Out to the ringside area HHH jumps Sheamus from behind and rides him to the floor. Sheamus fights back. In the ring HHH hit’s a spinebuster. “HHH” chants. Sheamus rolls from the ring. HHH motions for Sheamus to return to the ring.

Backstage is Santino with Angel. He says he comes from a long line of magical people. Like Ralph Machio. Hudini the famous Italian magician. Angel says he was Hungarian. Santino shows off his removable thumb trick. Maybe Angel has something better. Angel has four empty cups. A very sharp sushi knife. It’s point up and he wants Santino to put a cup over the knife while he’s not looking. Santino makes a big deal of it. Santino puts his hand on Angel’s shoulder and Angel says it’s muscle reading. He puts his hands above the cups. He slams down on one cup, then another. Then it’s 50/50 chance. Of course he picks the right cup, but the fans are chanting “boring”. Santino says his heart is racing.

– Commercial

The MITB briefcase is high above the ring. This is a Qualifying Match. Christian is at announce with Heath Slater standing behind him. Evan Bourne out to the ring. Regal out to the ring with Skip Sheffield in tow. Heath glares up at Sheffield in the ring.

Regal hard on Evan. Evan backed into a corner but Evan comes back with kicks. Regal clotheslined Evan to the mat. Back elbow to Evan. Evan slammed to the mat for two. Regal flipped Evan to the mat in an unorthodox move. Skip yelled in to Regal who rushed Evan, but ate a knee. SSP to Regal for three.

– Evan Bourne

Evan points up at the briefcase as Christian talks about winning MITBLM. Christian, Shelton, Swagger, Kane, Evan, Matt Hardy, Ziggler and MVP are all qualified. Evan is still all smiles in the ring. Video of the big knee to Regal’s head and then the SSP for three. Back to Evan’s huge smile and the WM behind him.

– Commercial

WM recall – WM20 – The Brock Lesnar versus Goldberg Match with Austin as the Guest Ref that was so bad we were all thrilled when Austin stunned them both after it was over!

Promo for Austin being Guest Ref next week.

King and Cole go through the matches slated for WM.

Video of Bret Hart’s accident and he came back for his final farewell. Vince then said he wanted to face Bret at WM, even though Bret’s injured. That Bret didn’t come back to bury the hatchet, he came back to get his hands on Vince.

Backstage Vince is heading for the ring.

– Commercial

King and Cole talk about Austin coming back to RAW. King stumbles over her words. The matches will be WM Rewinds. Cena versus Big Show, HBK versus Jericho and HHH versus Orton. And the contract signing for Bret to face Vince.

Justin announce Criss Angel as the Guest Ring Announcer as well as the Special Guest Host. He comes out shaking hands and then into the ring. There’s some pop for him, but sounded like mostly women. He gets a cheap pop from Portland. He says he’s honored to be at Monday night RAW, live. He says he’s here to present the main event. You gotta go crazy, ya wanna see the main event? This first gentleman will be fighting at WM for the title, John Cena. Cena runs to the ring and slides in. Off came his hat and into the crowd. Then Angel announces the Chairman of the Board, love him or hate him, Mr. McMahon! Vince out in black jeans, black t-shirt (not his normal sweatshirt with the sleeves cut off) and black fingerless gloves. Vince grabs the mic and says he knows Bret’s up in Canada watching this, limping around with one leg. No disrespect to our Guest host Criss Angel , the ending of this match won’t be an illusion. Cena will be pinned 1-2-3. This will be a Gauntlet Match, a Handicap Gauntlet Match. His first opponent is – out comes Kozlov.

Kozlov slams Cena down and poses. Head butts to Cena’s chest then Cena’s slammed to the mat again. Vince, in the corner, reached for the tag. Vince covers but Cena powers out. Vince motions for the next person and it’s Drew McIntyre! He runs in and slams Cena to the mat. Vince tags in and hooks the leg, but Cena kicks out. The third person out is Swagger. He slams Cena down.

– Commercial

Cena sets up for the five knuckle shuffle. The you can’t see me to Vince and the move on Swagger. Swagger takes Cena down and then up on his shoulder and into a corner. Cena slammed to the mat. Swagger runs and then up on the corner and splashes Cena. Vince wants in but Swagger wants to hit the splash one more time, and does. Vince in and pins, but Cena kicks out. Vince pins again, but Cena kicks out. Vince is pissed and calls someone out. Out comes Henry, but he doesn’t look happy about it. Henry glares over at Vince and then over to Cena. Vince demands and Henry hit’s the world’s strongest slam. Vince demands and Henry tags Vince in. Vince pins but Cena kicks out. Vince stomps over, glares at Henry, but then leaves the ring and grabs the ring bell as well as a mic. He says it’s now a No DQ Match. Vince lets out a deep breath and then over the to the ring with the bell. Henry in Vince’s way, but Vince pushes him. Henry argues with Vince about it, in Vince’s way. Vince hands Henry the bell and then demands he do it. Batista in spears Henry and tosses him from the ring. Kofi in and on Batista, but Batista hit a sick power bomb on Kofi. Cena up and onto Batista. Clothesline to Batista. Cena turns to Vince. Vince, in fear, tosses the ring bell from the ring. Cena gets Vince up, but drops him as Batista hit’s a spear on Cena. Batista gets Cena up and hits his Batista bomb. Vince down and pins Cena with a knee on Cena’s chest and one of Cena’s legs pulled up.

– Winner: Vince McMahon

Vince leaves the ring. Batista stands over Cena and has the lights dropped. Arms up Batista yells and smiles as he gets huge heat.