WWE Executive & Board Member Leave The Company


— Longtime WWE creative team member Christopher DeJoseph has parted ways with the company, according to prowresting.net. DeJoseph had worked closely with Michael Hayes on the SmackDown creative team and has appeared on WWE television before as the overweight, oiled-up, bowtie and thong-wearing dancer (I can’t believe I just typed that) “Big Dick Johnson.”

It was speculated over the weekend that he would be leaving and Wednesday was his final show.

No word on why he left or who will take his place. One wrestler who called DeJoseph this week  received his voice mail and was then told by others within creative to deal with them instead.

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– Michael Solomon has resigned from his position on the WWE Board of Directors. Solomon had been a board member for nine years and  the board for nine years and was previously the head of Gladwyne Partners.

During his time with WWE, he did not earn a salary but was given scompany tock valued at just under $100,000 for the past few years.

— A reliable source within WWE has informed us that many releases are coming soon and will be starting today. Stay tuned.

(Partial Source: pwinsider.com)