CM Punk Joins Nexus: Joey Styles & Nexus Comment


At the end of Monday’s WWE RAW from Albany, the Nexus crew attacked John Cena and beat him down badly. Out came CM Punk, who gave Cena the GTS, took a chair and sat in the middle of the ring. He took a Nexus “N” armband, put it on and saluted the rest of the Nexus crew on the stage – appearing to join the group.

It should be interesting to see how CM Punk and Wade Barrett co-exist together with John Cena as their common enemy.

WWE employee Joey Styles commented on Twitter about Punk joining Nexus, writing:

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“Nexus merchandise sales are ringing up on as we speak. CM Punk has just taken over Raw! Straight Edge Rules!”

@TheNexusWWE, the official Twitter account of the Nexus group, wrote this after RAW:

“SURPRISE!!! You just got “PUNKED” @JohnCena!!”

We’ll have more on what led to CM Punk joining Nexus and where the angle is headed here on later this week.