Jim Ross Blogs About UFC 124, GSP vs. Silva


WWE Hal of Famer Jim Ross has updated his blog at JRsBarBQ.com with some commentary on this past Saturday’s UFC 124 pay-per-view. Here are some highlights of what Ross said about the show:

The Overal Show: “I enjoyed the PPV and felt that I got my monies worth. That is and should always be the bottom line of purchasing any PPV. UFC 124 delivered in the Octagon which is where UFC begins and ends.”

Georges St. Pierre’s Performance: “GSP was Rembrandt. His jabs were lethal…essentially toxic. Koscheck’s right eye looked like pulled pork (O.K. one BBQ reference…get over it.) St. Pierre had the crowd and the fight in the palm of his hand. He is money both in and out of the ring. GSP is the type of fighter that the UFC is smart in building around because he’s never going to embarrass the company and will always represent the sport in a classy way that will attract sponsors, casual fans and impress uninformed politicians.”

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Josh Kozcheck: “Koscheck seemed to know early that Saturday night in Montreal wasn’t going to be his night and perhaps felt going the distance would be somewhat acceptable against, arguably, UFC’s top attraction. Koscheck is a tough kid who marketed this fight well and should earn a nice payday for paying the role of 1997 antagonist Shawn Michaels in Montreal. Someone needs to be the bad guy, in an organic and not over the top way, to assist in selling big time, UFC PPV main events. Koscheck handled that role well and he’s to be commended. Koscheck got whipped like a government mule but never quit.”

A GSP vs. Anderson Silva Dream Fight: “What’s next for GSP? Or perhaps the most relevant question is when will GSP fight Anderson Silva? That has seemingly become THE fight in UFC and seems ideal for the Rogers Centre in Toronto which is an arena that WWE has sold out for two Wrestlemanias as I recall. With a hot semi main event, I could see St. Pierre vs. Silva doing north of 50,000 fans and massive PPV numbers in the Dome in Toronto.”

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