Backstage News On Kevin Nash & Booker T’s WWE Futures


Sunday’s Royal Rumble match saw the surprise returns of Kevin Nash (as Diesel) and Booker T. Both men looked to be in top physical shape, with Kevin Nash dying his hair and goatee black for the first time in many years to reprise his role as Big Daddy Cool.

As to whether they signed new WWE contracts or the appearances were just a one-night-only deal, it appears we will likely see more of both. Dave Meltzer reports that as of this weekend, Booker T is under some sort of WWE contract with but Kevin Nash is not. The feeling is that WWE may offer more work based on the huge reactions each of them got at the Royal Rumble. Both still have a great deal of star power and both have ties to WCW. Most have probably heard by now that WrestleMania is likely going to feature some sort of WCW tie-in, since WrestleMania is taking place from Atlanta, the former home of the now-defunct promotion.

Kevin Nash has spoken publicly about wanting to attend the upcoming WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. Following his appearance in the Rumble match, Nash wrote on Twitter, which seems to imply that there could be more to his WWE return:

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“Absolutely the best night of my wrestling career. It’s so nice to be back in WWE family. Thanks Boston for making me feel so special.”

As for Booker T, he may end up doing anything from announcing to managing and working backstage. A role for Booker T on the return of Tough Enough has been brought up.