Bret Hart Says He’d Induct Shawn Michaels Into WWE’s HOF


WWE Hall of Famer Bret “The Hitman” Hart was a guest on Sunday night’s Live Audio Wrestling radio show on Sirius XM. Among the topics discussed was the announcement that Shawn Michaels will be joining him in the Hall of Fame during WrestleMania weekend in April. Hart says despite the long standing issues he and Shawn had in the past, they buried the hatchet last year when he returned to WWE television on January 4th and remain friends to this day. When asked whether he would induct Shawn into the Hall of Fame, Bret responded:

“I wouldn’t have any problem inducting Shawn. The truth is Shawn was a great wrestler and I had a lot of great matches with him. I’m proud of some of the great memories I had with Shawn and I would be happy to induct him into the Hall of Fame if they asked me to,” Hart told John Pollock of the Fight Network for an interview on Sunday’s Live Audio Wrestling show.

Regarding his future with WWE and whether he’d be open to working this year’s WrestleMania and future storylines, Bret said:

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“I’m not expecting to be involved in WrestleMania, but at the same time, I could get a call tomorrow to ask me to play some sort of part. I would be happy to be involved with WrestleMania or something that comes up the next few months.”

The Hitman also spoke about concussions in wrestling, saying that the lingering effects of concussions suffered during his career are more of an issue for him today than the career-ending stroke he suffered several years ago.

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