Low Ki Talks About Politics In WWE, Asking For His Release


Former WWE wrestler Low-Ki was interviewed this week by Darren Wood of Slam Wrestling. Here are some highlights of what Low Ki said about:

His WWE Release: “I can’t comment on other guys who have left or wanted their release. But if you’re not happy there then just leave, simple as that. I’ve had a good relationship with them [WWE] the entire time I was there regardless of what people may think. I have always had strong relationships everywhere I have gone; there are no bad feelings from either end.”

His Past Working Against Him In WWE: “I took a different path to most of the guys who are coming into WWE now and I think because I made a name for myself outside of the company, they didn’t like that,” he theorized. “I can’t and couldn’t ever be recognized as a WWE guy. I was never made by the company and I do think that was an issue. This is the biggest company in the world but they don’t have that stamp on me because I made a name for myself all around the world before entering. They would much rather take pride in saying they created you and I think that went against me.”

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Politics In WWE:WWE is a very big political game, and I already knew what the environment entailed, if you play that political game you stand a much better chance of succeeding in a particular role or position. I’m not a politician; I don’t see the need in playing these games especially when the business is suffering. If you don’t fill in that particular prototype or that idea then you are going to have a more challenging time in regards to a push or trying to excel. I feel this was the case with me; they have always been more about bigger guys. The company could have been behind me a lot more. They also could be behind a lot of guys more.”