Riley Eliminated Early During Rumble Match, Nash/Big Show Note


— There was some confusion surrounding Alex Riley and his elimination during the Royal Rumble last night because he was not supposed to go out when he did. He was supposed to hang on to the ring ropes when he was thrown over. This explains why the announcers were asking about him after he had been eliminated. They didn’t call his elimination.

— As Kevin Nash was getting up from the ground following his elimination from the Royal Rumble, a referee told him something. He then stared down Big Show as he was exiting the arena. It’s thought that this may have been a backstage audible due to the crowd’s receptive reaction to him and WWE planning something for him going forward.

— The song used during the video promoting Randy Orton‘s match against The Miz at the Royal Rumble is “Machine Gun Blues” by Social Distortion.

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