*Spoiler* THEY Revealed, Hogan & Flair Updates


After weeks of hype that “They” are coming to TNA, the new group was revealed at Monday’s TNA iMPACT! tapings, set to air this Thursday on Spike TV.

Details are still coming in, but it appears that “They” consists of Fortune and several other top TNA stars – including Kurt Angle, Mr. Anderson Scott Steiner, Crimson, AJ Styles, Kazarian and Beer Money after Fortune turned on Immortal.

TNA had originally planned for “they” to be The Main Event Mafia with Angle, Steiner, Crimson, Kevin Nash, Booker T and Sting. After Sunday’s Royal Rumble and news coming out that Nash and Booker T are signing deals with WWE, those plans had to be changed.

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No word yet on where Sting stands but he was not scheduled for this week’s tapings.

Spike TV officials reportedly are pressuring TNA to produce big ratings this month, which is “sweeps” – when advertisers gauge the ratings of each show in order to determine future advertising rates.

In related news, after advertising his return for two weeks, Hulk Hogan did not make his return at last night’s TNA tapings.

Ric Flair also wasn’t in the building but it’s since been revealed that he is suffering from an injury and is scheduled for tonight’s tapings. There was a backstage segment with Beer Money where they said the last time they saw Flair he was drunk in a bar in Ireland.