WWE NXT Internal Documents From 2011-2012 Revealed Online


Rob Naylor, who worked as Creative Assistant under Dusty Rhodes in Florida Championship Wrestling/WWE NXT from 2011 to 2013, tweeted some interesting stuff over the weekend. He kept formats, memos, and other documents from his time with WWE and decided to make some images of them public…

Format sheet for the first Full Sail University pilot taping in 2011 (note the puns):

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A list of indie wrestlers from 2012 that Naylor would sign if he could, which he was asked to make by Triple H‘s assistant (the note about Alex Shelley being clear of a TNA contract is most likely due to TNA’s lawsuit against WWE and Brian Wittenstein being an ongoing matter at the time):

And finally a list of independent promotions to watch (Dragon Gate USA being the only one that isn’t running shows anymore in 2016):

Naylor also mentioned that he found other things going through his collection of records, like performance reviews and a list of tips from Ricky Steamboat on how to work babyface, so hopefully there’s more to come.