DJ Z Statement Regarding Colon Surgery To Stop Internal Bleeding


As noted earlier, DJ Z was hospitalized in Mexico last night after wrestling for the Crash lucha libre promotion. DJ Z, real name Michael Paris, was suffering from internal bleeding.

He initially explained that after his match he “puked his guts out” and was turning pale. He believes the injury occurred when he took a 450 splash and initially thought he had ‘only’ injured his ribs.

Late Thursday night, he posted the following on Facebook detailing just how serious the ordeal was.

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First off, thanks so much to everyone that reached out, sent prayers or had me in their thoughts. Pretty overwhelming to see all the love i got. I havent had wifi til now and it hurts to speak, so lemme tell yall the whole story.

I was on the receiving end of a 450 Splash last night. The impact knocked the wind out of me really bad but i finished the match. When i got back to the locker room, i couldnt stand up and i knew something was off. I started feeling nauseous and puked a few times. Ricky Marvin noticed how rough i looked and called for paramedics. They took me to a nearby hospital and gave me an IV with pain medicine and anti-nausea medicine. This made me feel better. Better to the point where they released me from the hospital and my friend Diego drove me back to my hotel.

But when i got to the hotel, i started feeling nauseous again and went straight to the bathroom in the lobby. While in the bathroom, i started getting really hot, sweating and i eventually fainted on the bathroom floor. I came to and crawled out the bathroom and just laid on the lobby floor. Hotel staff called an ambulance and i was rushed to a different hospital for tests. I have never been in so much pain in my life. I wish that pain on nobody. 

After several hours in this extreme pain, the diagnosis was that i had fractured my colon, which was causing me to bleed pretty bad internally. They said they would need to do a surgery where they cut open my abdomen, clean the internal bleeding and stitch up my colon. They said 80% chance that id be okay after that. But a 20% chance that if they couldnt repair the colon, i would be stuck rocking a colonoscopy bag for the rest of my life. Terrifying. I was really scared.

Thank god the surgery went well. They fixed the colon and i will make a full recovery in a few weeks. Obviously itll take some time before im back in the ring, but the good news is that i will be back in the ring. Definitely had some moments last night where i felt like my career was over tho. I have to stay in this hospital for a few days, then ill recover here in Mexico City for a few weeks. As frightening as it was to have to get a major surgery done in a foreign country where i cant speak the language fluently, i was lucky to have several friends down here who have been visiting me, helping me and translating. 

Sorry to scare everyone, but good news is that im gonna be alright. Not happy about this sweet scar i have on my abdomen now, but whatever im just glad to be alive.