Alberto El Patron Blames Corruption as Charity Show Cancelled


A report from recently has detailed another strange story involving Alberto El Patron.

Alberto had scheduled a charity show this weekend but when fans arrived at the building a notice was posted saying the show had been canceled. The note left on the door is said to have resembled the note normally used by the Mexican government when a building is to be shut down.

Alberto is blaming corruption in Mexico as the reason for the cancellation and further stated he’d run the show in San Antonio. Lucha Blog, however,  said there is a belief Alberto’s show was denied a permit for the venue due to a lack of security. The venue is normally used for theatre and music performances and not pro-wrestling.

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Alberto delivered a speech outside the venue which you can view below:

Charity Show Suspended

Alberto and his team are hoping to announce a new date and venue for the show today.

A Google Translate version of a quote Alberto gave to the local media is as follows:

“We do not have a political or economic interest, because all my friends who are here,” Alberto said “who are standing here came without charge, just for the pleasure of helping children who are they were left homeless after that earthquake.

The Delegation says something different and they say something different, I cannot point fingers or know who is responsible, I only accuse the one that results from tonight.”