Bret Hart Brags About Punching Vince McMahon


WWE Hall Of Famer and former WWE Champion Bret Hart recently did an interview with the Calgary Herald to discuss a variety of professional wrestling topics. “The Hitman” talked about punching Vince McMahon after the Montreal Screwjob in 1997’s Survivor Series, being lied to by his coworkers, and his goals when he first got into wrestling. You can check out the highlights here:

Punching Vince McMahon after the Montreal Screwjob:

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“It was only one punch but it was such a beautiful punch. Of all the things I’ve ever done in my life, it was the sweetest, most beautiful punch anyone could ever throw. It was just amazing. The whole memory of it brings a smile to my face. I just maybe wish that I’d mopped the floor with Triple H and Shawn Michaels both at the same time right after. That would have been ideal. … I think what it really amounted to was a case of Vince — and he’s a very macho kind of guy — he wanted to back me down in front of everybody in the dressing room and show that he was the boss and save face. So he took it upon himself to put himself in a physical situation, which was laughable. But he put himself in that situation and I knocked him out.”

His coworkers lying to him:

“To be lied to and screwed over legitimately by people that I had worked so hard for, I think it’s always been a black eye on them, not me. Everything I said was true, everything that I said happened, it happened the way it did.”

His initial goals when he began wrestling:

“I got into wrestling to make some money, see the world, and meet girls. I accomplished that. Those were my initial goals. When I look back on everything, I’m really amazed by my career. I had so many wonderful guys that I worked with and great matches, that’s what was most important to me — and the fans. I had a great fan base across the country and around the world.”

You can check out Hart’s full interview with the Calgary Herald by clicking here.