Carmella Publicity Push Ahead Of Survivor Series


Ms Money in The Bank has increased her publicity recently by taking part in interviews ahead of her debut on Total Divas, 2 weeks before Survivor Series.  Is WWE preparing for Carmella to cash in her Money in The Bank contract?

During the U.K. tour, Carmella spoke to The Sun to discuss her career in WWE. The interview ranged from her career before entering sports entertainment, to making history and becoming 2 time Money in The Bank winner.

“After starting off in NXT and then getting here to SmackDown Live, all I ever wanted to do was to create history and be a part of the women’s revolution. Natalya, Naomi, Becky Lynch, Charlotte, everyone is making history and I wanted to be a part of it and now my name will always be forever etched in history – and that’s all I’ve ever wanted.”

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Carmella was also featured in this Total Divas advert:

The Sun’s interview delved deeper into her experience working in the UK with Carmella commenting on her work at NXT Takeover in London. She reminisced about the PPV being in the U.K. explaining that it was like nothing she had felt before. On the topic of another PPV in the U.K. Carmella added her support, saying that it would be amazing if WWE were to hold a PPV in the U.K. again.

On the rivalry between RAW and SmackDown Live, Ms Money in The Bank stated that she uses the pressure and competition to improve her own performance:

“It’s nice to have that rivalry because it makes you work that much harder and you always want to be better than the other side.”

And it appears as though she has done just that.  Carmella has certainly stepped up her game over the past few months.  She has used James Ellsworth well and can hopefully cash in her Money in The Bank contract successfully to begin her reign as SmackDown Live Women’s Champion.  When she’ll cash in, or whether she’ll be able to hold on to her title is another question though.

In the final part of the interview, Carmella gave her opinion on the RAW vs. SmackDown rivalry and reveals she made a promise to the other women on the SmackDown roster.

“I don’t know where people get that Smackdown is the B show – I couldn’t disagree more […] all the women in our locker room came together and vowed to make us the A show and show we are the best women’s division.”

It definitely looks as though all the SmackDown Live women are on the same page in this video at Nottingham, England…


Be on the look out at Survivor Series though, with a diminishing relationship with James Ellsworth, she’ll be looking to move forward.