Emma (Tenille Dashwood) Booking Fee Correction/Updated Report


Last week, the Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that Emma’s negotiations with the Stardom promotion had fallen through. The report continued to say that Emma was asking for $2,000 per match and creative control in her contract.

This week the Newsletter issued an updated report.

Tenille Dashwood (Emma) Booking Fees

This week the Observer printed a much different report regarding Emma’s asking price. The updated report mentioned Emma’s asking price for North American independent promotions is $1500 and not $2,000. The 2k figure is for promotions outside of North America.

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As for Emma requesting creative control in her contract, this appears to be somewhat disputed. The updated report states that Emma requires the ability to approve her opponent and the finish to her match but that this is also a standard request for top independent talent.

While Stardom is not a large promotion, it runs storylines and long-running angles which is different from standard independent promotions. It’s possible Emma’s management team was not aware of this and was giving the promotion Emma’s standard terms for an independent promotion.

Dashwood herself appears to be traveling a lot at the moment and is most likely not handling her own bookings.

Why the Updated Report?

The Wrestling Observer did not publish sources for either report but some assumptions can be made.

The first report mentioned that Stardom balked at Emma’s asking price which indicates the Observer was speaking to someone with negotiating abilities for the promotion. The second report sounds as though the Newsletter was spoken to by someone from Emma’s management team to clarify that her asking price was in-line with the current market. This is purely speculation, however.

This weekend Shimmer held a big set of tapings, which bodes well for the state of the women’s independent wrestling scene. Tenille Dashwood, aka Emma, will most likely find herself in the mix of that scene beginning in 2018.