Ex-WWE Writer Reveals What Vince McMahon Called “The Worst Thing We Ever Recorded”


Former WWE writer Brian Gewirtz was recently a guest on former WWE Tag Team Champs Edge and Christian’s podcast, E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness, to talk about a variety of professional wrestling topics. During the interview, Gewirtz revealed what Vince McMahon called the worst thing the company had ever recorded. The segment was from the feud between John Cena and Edge in which “The Rated R Superstar” and Lita visited Cena’s childhood home.

The segment was being produced by Gewirtz and Bruce Prichard, and Cena’s dad was apparently way too over-the-top with his lines. Eventually it did air but Edge had to voice over the clip because the audio was way too terrible:

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“So [Edge] and [Lita], we went to the Cena house, yeah, and the idea was [Edge] would go in, make fun of his upbringing, make fun of his house, and eventually get into it with his dad and everything. But what we didn’t know was Mr. Cena is a bit of a performance artist in his own right.

“Yes, so and the line was just ‘Edge berates John Cena’s dad and storms off,’ so then, [Edge] would berate him, and he goes, ‘well, let me tell you something, I’m going to put you over the edge!’ And then, he looks into the camera. We’re like, ‘what the f–k? What? Hey, Mr. Cena, in this particular set of circumstances, you are just going to stand there and kind of get berated.

“We’re going to get sympathy for you and your character and everything.’ [Imitating Cena, Sr.] ‘Oh, got it. Okay.’ So then, [Lita] cuts her promo and it’s like, ‘let me tell you something chicky-poo, you’re nothing! And I’m going to make sure you’re both put over the edge!’ He kept going back to that for some reason. He was doubling down on the ‘over the edge’ and [Edge] had to do [his] best to stop from laughing at everything.

“[Imitating Cena, Sr.] ‘I don’t care if you do it till the cows come home! Hahaha! See, because that’s how it works around here in West Newbury, Massachusetts!’ I’m like, ‘what is happening?’ He couldn’t help himself and Cena warned us about it.

“Then we get the call from Vince [McMahon], Bruce and I, and he goes, ‘guys, that might have been the worst thing we ever recorded in the history of this business. I’m extremely disappointed.’ And then, Vince said the greatest thing in the world, which I should apologize to Bruce, but I can’t. But he goes, ‘it’s unusable, it was unprofessional, it was terrible – Bruce, I’m really disappointed in you.’ And I’m just like, ‘yes, I agree with that! Bruce, I am, too, disappointed. I was trying to learn from you!’”

You can listen to Brian Gewirtz’s interview on E&C’s Pod Of Awesomeness here: