Ken Shamrock On CM Punk Losing His UFC Debut


Former WWE Intercontinental Champion and UFC fighter Ken Shamrock recently did an interview on the Primo Nutmeg podcast to discuss a variety of topics. Shamrock was asked about whether or not WWE Universal Champion Brock Lesnar should return to the UFC, CM Punk losing his MMA debut, and the backlash Punk has taken for his loss in his mixed martial arts (MMA) debut. You can check out the highlights here:

If Brock Lesnar should return to UFC:

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“Well I think that’s up to him,” Shamrock said. “Only he knows where he’s at, where his body’s at to be able to compete, so each individual really only knows what they’re capable of doing or what they’re desire is.”

Punk’s MMA defeat and if she should continue fighting:

“He’s already started that journey, and if he’s like me, if that would’ve happened to me then I would go back to the drawing board and get better,” Shamrock said. “I mean I’m not gonna give up, I’m not gonna quit on it, I’m gonna keep coming and I’ll figure it out. But I don’t know if he’s that way, I don’t know if he has that desire.”

People who mock Punk because he lost:

“When he first went into it I warned people, I said, ‘Listen, this guys is taking a risk. Respect that risk. Don’t bash him if he goes out there and loses because all these other people he’s going against, he’s fighting all the odds because they’ve all got fights under their belts, they’ve all got experience under their belts. He’s coming from a pro-wrestling organization, he’s trying to experience something that he loves, which is completely different from pro-wrestling,” Shamrock said.

“So he takes that chance; isn’t that what this world is built on, people that take chances to go out there and follow their dreams or follow things that they desire to do? And if by chance they fall down and don’t succeed, we gotta give them room to get back up and continue to keep going, whatever direction it may be. We don’t stomp on their heads and say, ‘Oh you tried man, we’re gonna crush you now because you failed.’ To me, that’s ridiculous because it’s not fair.

“This guy did something that I thought not too many people would have the balls to do, to step out of a pro-wrestling ring and into an MMA ring, and he did that,” Shamrock continued. “And he trained for it, he worked for it and it didn’t work out for him. God bless him, man. But don’t step on his head and not let him back up to try to make a recovery. That would be just wrong.”

You can listen to Shamrock’s interview on the Primo Nutmeg podcast by clicking here.

H/T Wrestling Inc. for the transcriptions