Lucha Underground Season 4 Details Revealed


Lucha Underground will be returning for their 4th season in 2018.

While the show remaining on air is positive, Dario Cueto’s promotion will be operating under a significantly reduced budget according to a report from the Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Changes to Lucha Underground

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According to the report, Antonio Cue-Navarro and Alex Garcia played a large role in funding seasons 1-3 but were no longer willing to invest in the show. The El Rey Network is still behind the show, however, though their budget will not be reduced.

The show operating without the additional funding from Cue-Navarro and Garcia will mean a reduced budget for big names (i.e Rey Mysterio, Alberto El Patron) and expensive vignettes.

Some other points:

  • The belief is El Rey will commit to seasons 5 and 6 as well, airing in 2019 and 2020.
  • reported that the performers will no longer be under exclusive contracts. This means they are free to perform for ROH, NJPW, NOAH, and Impact Wrestling.
  • Nothing is confirmed but the belief is tapings will begin in March with a projected air date for season 4 beginning in May.
  • The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reported that some talent were upset at the news as they are frustrated by the 7-season contracts and having not been paid since 2016, though it is unclear how many feel this way.
  • It is believed that Arolucha, the promotion involving the Harris Twins and Konnan, was hoping that Lucha Underground was done so they’d be able to scoop up the available talent.