Mick Foley Reflects On His HIAC Milestone


WWE Hall Of Famer Mick Foley recently did an interview with Sporting News to talk about a variety of professional wrestling topics. During the interview, Foley discussed reliving his infamous Hell In A Cell match during his 20th Anniversary tour, realizing how big of a deal the match was, and the writing process behind his book “Saint Mick.” You can check out the highlights here:

Reliving his Hell In A Cell match on stage during his 20th Anniversary tour:

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“The first time I watched the infamous Hell in a Cell match in its entirety in many years is because my children wanted to see it. I realized upon watching that match in its entirety that, all these years later, it really packs an emotional wallop. And for years, I kind of tried to distance myself from that match and instead, almost 20 years after the fact, I’m embracing it and looking forward to reliving it on stage at 20 North American stops in the spring of 2018.”

Realizing how big of a deal the match was:

“I’d say at the five-year mark when it was still a daily question, I realized that it had an impact. At the 10-year mark, you started having children who weren’t even born when it took place who were familiar with it. Especially now that the WWE Network reaches a whole new generation, it’s not unusual to have 50 percent of the audience who were born after that match took place but who are, nonetheless, aware of it.

“There are kids out there who say it’s their favorite match despite the fact that they can see really good matches on a weekly basis and great matches on a monthly basis.”

The writing process behind his book:

“When I started the writing process, I realized that I was kind of going to some dark, really personal places. I had to describe the need for this iconic figure in my life before you could realize how fulfilling it was. And I realized it was, by far, my most personal book and in some ways it was a love letter not only to my own childhood, but, to my younger children, in particular and the joy we had shared in celebrating Christmas’ together, traditions, and also the arrival of Santa Claus into our lives.

“I think people are enjoying it but there’s still part of me that kind of wishes I’d just published 100 copies and handed them out to friends and family.”

You can read Foley’s full interview with Sporting News by clicking this link here.