Montreal Screwjob 20th Anniversary, Shawn Michaels Reflects


Today, November 9th, marks the 20th anniversary of Survivor Series 1997 and the infamous “Montreal Screwjob,” an event that would change the course of pro wrestling history.

To mark the occasion, WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels spoke to ESPN about the incident, calling it “the worst day I can recall in the entire 25 years I was in the wrestling business.” It’s a lengthy interview that’s worth checking out in its entirety, as Michaels discusses all aspects of his involvement.

“You don’t go into something like that not understanding [the consequences],” said Michaels. “You may end up having to fight your way out of the building, or getting in a couple fights, or who knows. But one of the biggest things in the wrestling business is when you go out there with guys, you’re trusting one another with your bodies.

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“With all the differences Bret and I had, they never made their way into the ring. And so believe it or not, that more than anything, was the thing. Even though you’re asked to do it, being obedient to your boss, it isn’t fun. Pain, or getting in a fight, or getting beat up, that stuff heals eventually.

“It would’ve been a lot easier, honestly, to be able to say ‘Yeah, I knew and I did it,’ and face whatever happened,” said Michaels, “Because at least then, it’d be out in the open and whatever needed to happen would happen right there and then.”

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