Pete Gas On Shane McMahon’s Helicopter Incident, His Career, Vince McMahon


Former Attitude Era Superstar Pete Gas of the Mean Street Posse recently appeared on X-PAC 12360 to talk about various topics. Here are some of the highlights:

Shane McMahon’s helicopter incident:

“I didn’t even know, I was working and my phone starts blowing up about Shane- you know asking if Shane is okay. I didn’t know what was going on so I hit the news and I see it, so I called him, and I said ‘obviously you’re alright because you’re talking to me’ and he says ‘Yeah, I am fine…’. And the thing is that he won’t sell anything like when he last jumped off the cage against Kevin Owens, he was hurting and I called him, he no-sold me as usual. And then I find out he cracked ribs- so I called him back and I said, ‘Don’t kayfabe me, you always do that.’ And he says ‘Yeah, I cracked a few ribs, I am a little sore, but I’ll be alright.’”

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Two things he regrets in his wrestling career:

“There are two regrets in my career that I wish. One, is that we got to work with Hunter and got to learn from him and to me he’s absolutely brilliant. We did vignetts with him and he called me a bucket head; that was fun and stuff but I mean actually working with him in the ring, like actually learning in the ring would have been amazing.The other thing was when we first started we took a stunner from Stone Cold in MSG on a house show. We came out with The Rock, and it was a huge thrill. We got a stunner from Stone Cold, beer poured on us Rock came in and  gave us a double peoples elbow in MSG – Stone cold wasn’t happy the way we took the stunner & unfortunately, I think because of that, we didn’t get to work with him as much, and I don’t think he wanted to work with us. One day on my bucket list I want to apologize and say sorry.”

Moment Vince McMahon said he was proud of him:

After we became involved and got contracts we weren’t allowed to drive with Shane. And Vince and Shane were driving together- and I remember the phone ringing and I was driving and Rodney answered, and Shane said ‘Put me on speaker so Gas can hear.’ And he said, ‘Guys someone here wants to talk to you.’ I get goosebumps every time I say this because it’s the one and only time Vince has ever said this, ‘Boys, the ratings came out, you guys had the highest rated 15 minute segment in wrestling history on cable.’ Then he went on to say, ‘ I’m proud of you.’ We never heard that from him, never heard it again afterwards. That is in my head forever.